Samsung teases Samsung Galaxy 'S Foldable' camera phone

Samsung Galaxy S Foldable
(Image credit: Samsung)

UPDATE 18/05: We've seen rumors around a new double-folding camera phone from Samsung, but now we've finally been given an official teaser. Samsung recently showed off a video of the new Samsung Galaxy 'S Foldable' at the World Information Display Society's Display Week 2021 event.

As reported by T3, the S Foldable was described as "a product that can confirm the world's best OLED technology, and is a multi-foldable product that can be folded twice inside and outside. When the screen is opened to the maximum, the size is 7.2 inches, and when folded twice, it can be used like a smartphone, and when fully opened, it can be used like a tablet". 

There's no word yet on when the Samsung Galaxy S Foldable will be released (if it ever does come to market). However, it's clear that investing in the best fold phones is certainly a priority for Samsung at the moment. 

ORIGINAL: Samsung has recently filed for a trademark for the name 'S-Foldable', which seems to be a display panel for upcoming folding phones. This display could possibly be intended for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab, which is set to be a double folding phone that folds out into a tablet. This innovative piece of tech could definitely be set to be one of the best Samsung phones in the future. 

As reported by LetsGoDigital, the 'S' in 'S-Foldable' could refer to the way the display folds. Samsung has also applied for trademarks for the terms 'Armor Frame' and 'Pro Shield', which could suggest that Samsung is looking to strengthen its upcoming folding phone models (which isn't surprising, considering how fragile this tech can be).

It's not clear when the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab will be released. Some rumors suggest that it will be this year, while others think it will be 2022 instead. 

Samsung was actually the first manufacturer to launch a folding phone in the US, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold receiving mixed reviews for its questionable screen and hinge quality. However, Samsung quickly ironed out these issues and released the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, which was much better received.

As reported by Gizmo China, Samsung won't be the first phone manufacturer to explore a double folding design. TCL announced a double folding concept handset around a year ago and Xiaomi is apparently working on a similar design. 

There are currently two concept designs of this potential double folding phone from Samsung. The first shows the screen bending in two opposite directions, while the other depicts the sides folding backward and their edges meeting around the rear panel.

At present, there aren't any other concrete details (either official or rumored) to explore. However, we're sure that more information will leak over the coming months as Samsung gears up for release. 

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