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Samsung to take folding phones to the next level with DOUBLE fold camera phone

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital x @sarangsheth)

Samsung could be planning to launch a new folding phone, according to new rumors. However, this folding camera phone could come with a bit of a twist (literally) – it will feature a double folding design. There's even a possibility that this intriguing new handset could debut at some point later this year. 

It's safe to say that Samsung's interest in folding phones is almost unparalleled. It currently has the most foldable handsets on the market – and has been clearly working hard to improve the design with each new release.

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Samsung was actually the first manufacturer to launch a folding phone in the US, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold receiving mixed reviews for its questionable screen and hinge quality. However, Samsung quickly ironed out these issues and released the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, which was much better received.

As reported by Gizmo China, Samsung won't be the first phone manufacturer to explore a double folding design. TCL announced a double folding concept handset around a year ago and Xiaomi is apparently working on a similar design. 

There are currently two concept designs of this potential double folding phone from Samsung. The first shows the screen bending in two opposite directions, while the other depicts the sides folding backward and their edges meeting around the rear panel.

At present, there aren't any other concrete details (either official or rumored) to explore. However, we're sure that more information will leak over the coming months as Samsung gears up for release. 

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