RØDE Connect update adds VideoMic NTG compatibility

RØDE Connect and RØDE VideoMic NTG
(Image credit: RØDE)

RØDE has announced the latest update to its free RØDE Connect podcasting software, adding compatibility with one of its popular desktop mics, the VideoMic NTG.

RØDE Connect arrived earlier this year, and has already gained popularity in the podcasting community for being easy to use, not to mention free – though you do of course have to drop some cash on RØDE microphones to get much use out of it.

Which is hardly a hardship, as RØDE mics are well regarded in the video and audio community for delivering high-quality audio for a reasonable price, and in a compact package. There’s a reason that plenty of them feature on our guide to the best microphones for vlogging and filmmaking – all of which are great for podcasting too. 

Since the first version of RØDE Connect, the firm has been rolling out updates to increase its compatibility with various mics, and Version 1.3 adds the RØDE VideoMic NTG to the stable. 

The VideoMic NTG is a mic for podcasting and recording on the go. It’s a shotgun mic that can be mounted on-camera as usual, but also has a USB output for plugging directly into a computer – hence its attractiveness as a podcast mic. It’s the third mic to be made compatible with RØDE Connect, joining the NT-USB Mini and Wireless GO II.

RØDE has also released a new accessory for the VideoMic NTG to coincide with this update – the WS-Chroma, which is a set of green and blue windshields for the mic. This isn’t purely a cosmetic choice – the coloured foam is designed for video users and streamers, as the green and blue can be placed overhead and then easily chroma keyed out of the shot, just like a greenscreen or bluescreen. 

RØDE WS-Chroma

The WS-Chroma in situ, ready to be keyed out. (Image credit: RØDE)

The RØDE Connect software allows up to four microphones to connect to one computer. It also allows the computer to operate as a digital mixer, with level controls, mute functions, virtual channels, customisable sound pads and other features. It also gives users access to high-quality audio processors. 

You can download the RØDE Connect update now at the RØDE site. The WS-Chroma kit is also available now. 

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