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Nikon Z9: "the development team is also struggling to reach the goal"

Nikon Z9
(Image credit: Nikon)

A Nikon executive has commented that expectation for the Nikon Z9 is so high that "the development team is also struggling to reach the goal". 

Speaking of the "flagship feeling" demanded by users, along with the manufacturer's own target of the Nikon Z9 exceeding the Nikon D6, he noted that "the pressure is also considerable".

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"Many photographers were slamming me asking, 'When will Nikon launch a mirrorless flagship?'" Fumiyuki Wakao, general manager of Nikon Japan's marketing division, told Phile Web (via machine translation, hat tip to Digital Camera Info).

"The 'flagship feeling' that our users demand is at a fairly high level, so the development team is also struggling to reach the goal. When I saw the words 'Aiming for something beyond D6' in this development announcement, I felt the extraordinary determination of the development team. I imagine that the pressure is also considerable."

Wakao expanded on this pressure, noting that the intention is for the Nikon Z9 to be a camera with no obvious weaknesses – making it an imaging device that is adept at any genre of photography or videography. 

"Until now, Nikon cameras have been pointed out as having strengths and weaknesses depending on the genre of photography, but the Z9 is being developed as a camera that photographers of all genres can use with satisfaction."

Hence, the Z9 will possess a triple-pronged attack of high resolution (at least 39MP), stacked sensor for fast continuous shooting, and 8K video (courtesy of that high resolution sensor) to satisfy the now irreversible desire for high quality recording. 

As part of this discussion, Wakao also questioned the prevailing norm of dividing product lineups into entry level, mid-range and high end cameras, or even separating stills- and video-oriented bodies.

"Customers' tastes have changed drastically… now the barrier between video and still images has become ambiguous, and the high end as before. First of all, there is a model of, and the method of developing the middle, entry and lineup from there is not valid. What do customers want from their cameras? There is a need for development that can meet each of the diversifying needs."

This certainly paints a picture of the Nikon Z9 being like the Sony A1, insofar as it can handle any imaging task you throw at it. Though a $6,000 camera that does everything may not appeal to an entry level photographer, whose phone can do most of the same things…

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