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Let's calibrate! Datacolor celebrates 50th birthday slashing cost of SpyderX range

Datacolor celebrates 50th birthday slashing cost of SpyderX range
(Image credit: Datacolor)

Color management specialist Datacolor are celebrating its 50th birthday this year... and are offering big discounts on its SpyderX Range of monitor calibration kits to mark the anniversary.

The best-selling SpyderX Pro is cut in price by $40 or £50 depending which side of the Atlantic you live - bring the cost of scientifically ensuring your screen is showing your images in the right hues to just $129.99 or £109. The offer is running until 01 March. 

The SpyderX Pro unit can can calibrate your screen in under two minutes – which will encourage you to use it regularly (every month or so is best). The unit comes with some advanced features such as features like ambient light monitoring and multi-monitor support.

The price of the next model up in the range, the SpyderX Elite is cut by $70 / £80 to $199 / £169 in the birthday sale. This offers the same fast functionality of the SpyderX Pro  which is , but additionally allows to calibrate projectors and provides video-centric profiles for those who want to use screens for serious movie editing.

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