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Lensbaby Omni adds more psychedelic flare to its box of funky effects

Lensbaby Omni Color Expansion Pack
(Image credit: Digital Camera World)

Lensbaby has introduced a new set of accessories that are designed to work with the Lensbaby OMNI filter system that was introduced earlier this year. The OMNI Color Expansion Pack gives you a range of crystals and gels that are designed to give psychedelic diffraction effects to your photos.

The original OMNI system provides a magnetic ring that attaches to the filter mount of your camera's lens. You then attach maneuverable 'wands' or arms, to which you then attach different gels and prisms. The basic OMNI set costs $99.95 / £89 - and is available in two sizes to suit different ranges of filter thread diameters.

Lensbaby Omni Color Expansion Pack (Image credit: Lensbaby)

The new Color Expansion Pack two multi-colored crystals, a rainbow diffraction film, plus a variety of luminescent and textured films and gels. The crystals, that look like they are missing pieces from a chandelier, add a range of prismatic colors and fractal effects – which you control by adjusting the position of the wands.

There are nine different Lumi films, which have a textured finish that helps introduce flare into the image. Also in the pack are five new color gels. Last, but not least, there is a Crisscross Rainbow film, that provides a diffraction effect that creates rainbow patterns across the frame.

The Omni Color Expansion Pack will cost $59.95 / £59.

Pre-order the Expansion Pack at B&H Photo
Pre-order the Expansion Pack at Wex Photo

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