Leica SL2 specs leaked - and it's a 47 megapixel monolith

Leica SL2 specs leaked - and it's a 47 megapixel monolith
(Image credit: Nokishita)

A few tantalizing details about the Leica SL2 have emerged - and we're getting excited already. According to rumors from Nokishita, the SL2 will have 47 megapixels, making it a serious heavyweight contender against similarly juiced up cameras such as the Sony A7R IV or the Nikon Z7.

However, this isn't the only thing that will please Leica fans. 

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Just like the original Leica SL, the Leica SL2 will be capable of 4K video. It'll also come with a special Cine mode - although precisely what this means exactly remains to be seen. 

The SL2 will also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means you should be able to instantly transfer your photos to your phone through the Leica Fotos app, with which the camera will be compatible with. Interestingly, you can decide whether you want to download either the RAW file or a JPEG. The app will also enable you to remotely control your live view, capture settings and trigger shutter release.

This leaked image of the Leica SL2's back shows a fixed screen and three main menu buttons

This leaked image of the Leica SL2's back shows a fixed screen and three main menu buttons (Image credit: Nokishita)

So, what else will we be looking for from the updated Leica SL?

Weighing in at around 847g, the original SL was widely criticized to be clunky and heavy, especially when likened to the comparatively dainty Nikon Z7, which is only 585g. While this will likely be at least partially due to the fact that the Leica SL is machined from two solid blocks of aluminum for ultimate endurance, it would be nice to see the Leica SL2 shed a few grams for a lighter and more comfortable user experience. 

The current Leica SL is currently available for around £4,495 ($5,995), so we'd expect the Leica SL2 to be somewhere in this price range as well. However, we'll keep up updated on any further information as soon as we hear it. 

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