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Lastolite reinvents its portable reflector

Lastolite HaloCompact in action

The pop-up design of the Lastolite reflector has become an iconic accessory for the photographer. Its neat pop-into-action opening system has made it a must-have companion for every portrait photographer. And the secret of how to fold the device back into its pouch is a badge of honor that every owner needs to earn.

Now Lastolite has launched an alternative design in the HaloCompact - which allows the reflector (or diffuser) to fold even smaller when not in use. 

Instead of the steel rim pop-up design, the 85cm (33.5”) HaloCompact is constructed using its RapidExoframe  which allows the frame to breakdown into small multiple sections, which along with the folded fabric, packs into a carry case measuring only 6.5 x 27 x 6.5cm (2in x 6in x 2in). With an all-up weight is 335g, the HaloCompact reflector (or diffuser) then fits neatly inside your camera bag or backpack.

Lastolite HaloCompact folded

Lastolite HaloCompact folds to size of of a travel umbrella

The HaloCompact also features an ergonomically designed handle so it can easily be held  with one hand. The handle also incorporates a  useful ¼” thread enabling it to be easily attached to a tripod or studio stand.

The HaloCompact is available in two versions – the first is a double-sided reflector, with silver one side and white the other. The second version is as a 2 stop diffuser.

Lastolite HaloCompact

Fabric detaches from the collapsible rim when not in use


The HaloCompact Reflector Silver/White (LL LR3300) has an recommended retail price of £71.95 / $79.99. The HaloCompact Diffuser 2 stop (LL LR3301) also costs £71.95 /$79.99.

Diffuser or reflector fabrics are available separately for £29.95 / $34.95– allowing you to have both light-modelling tools available with just the one frame. 

Video: See the Lastolite HaloCompact in action

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