GoPro adds 48-inch Extension Pole + Waterproof Remote for Hero 12 Black

GoPro Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote
The new GoPro Extension Pole extends to 48in - that's a foot further than the GoPro El Grande, the previous longest selfie stick accessory (Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro's 2023 launch sees a new official accessory join the ranks of the much-loved Chesty, Handler, Volta, and countless other best GoPro accessories on the market – the Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote – a mouthful, but at least we know exactly what it does.

A relatively compact 10 inches (25.5cm) when collapsed, this action cam mounting pole almost quadruples in length, reaching 48 inches (122cm), and best of all, it can be used with any GoPro product. That means if you have a 360º action camera like the GoPro Max, you should be able to capture incredible footage when paired with this far-reaching accessory.

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Basil Kronfli

Basil Kronfli is a freelance technology journalist, consultant, and content creator. He trained in graphic design and started his career at Canon Europe before moving into journalism. Basil is also experienced in video production, independently running the YouTube channel TechEdit, and during his time at Future, he worked alongside the Digital Camera World team as a senior video producer.