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Get 8GB of data for just £8 a month in this insane Vodafone SIM only deal

Get 8GB of data for just £8 in this insane Vodafone data deal
(Image credit: Vodafone)

Now that unlimited minutes and texts are par for the course, phone data is one of the most important aspects of a SIM plan, but luckily the data deals have never been so good. Vodafone has been offering some tempting offers in its Basics range of SIM only tariffs for a while... but one of these has just be improved to make it red hot!

If you want a decent dollop of data, the £8 a month new deal looks tasty... as you get 8GB of data allowance with this (a generous 3GB improvement on what was on offer earlier this month). 

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Complete with unlimited texts and minutes, this SIM only plan is perfect for those who often find themselves reaching for their phones to check social media and stream videos.

We should also mention that Vodafone mobile customers get to save £2 a month on Vodafone's fibre broadband deals.

Vodafone data deal: £8 for 8GB
Get 8GB of data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for just £8 a month in this fantastic Vodafone 12 month deal. This gives you 4GB of extra data compared to their usual price.View Deal

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