Fujifilm X100V replacement due in early 2024 with brand new lens (report)

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It’s been over three years since Fujifilm released the insanely popular X100V, and to this day it’s still hard to get your hands on it. Most camera retailers are still out of stock, and those after one are having to wait months. The good news is, it looks like early 2024 will give way to its replacement – and it could come with a brand new lens. The bad news? We’re already anticipating delays. 

There aren’t many cameras that stay quite as in demand as the Fujifilm X100V has been, so news of its successor is very exciting.  Since its launch, the X100V has suffered delays, parts shortages and an overwhelming and hard-to-keep-up with demand; Fujifilm even had to stop taking orders! So will the next in line suffer the same fate, or will Fujifilm find a way to meet orders?

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A key factor could be the integrated lens. The X100V is fitted with a 23mm (35mm equivalent) f/2.0 optic but, according to a source at Fuji Rumors, the next X100 could have a brand new lens. No details have been shared yet as to what this might look like – it could be anything from a minor redesign that could make it weather-sealed to a shift in focal length and aperture. 

Since September 2010, when the original X100 was released, Fujifilm has only changed the lens design once – and that was for the X100V. It still featured a 23mm f/2.0 pancake lens, but with better resolution, less distortion and improved close-focus performance. Prior to that, the X100, X100S, X100T and X100F had all featured the same lens, so it doesn’t seem to make sense that Fujifilm would upgrade the lens so soon unless it’s going to be a more substantial redesign.

For now, those on the X100V waitlist will have to decide whether to continue on that journey or hold off until more information is available about its replacement. With 2024 not many months off, we'd be inclined to wait that little bit longer to find out what Fujifilm can offer in terms of an upgrade. After all, you've probably already waited months already – what's a few more?

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