Fujifilm to release a tiny digital camera this month, according to reports

Fujifilm X70 on colored background
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UPDATE: Fujifilm's very small digital camera has been revealed as the Instax Pal – a new, all-digital instant camera that fits in the palm of your hand. 

The tiny Instax Pal is a go-anywhere digital camera that costs under 100 bucks, and looks like an Instax Mini camera that has been shrunk in the washing machine. Unlike other Instaxes, it doesn't print photos; rather, it is available in an optional bundle with the Instax Mini Link 2 (and is compatible with all Link printers) for you to print your images later. 

Check out our full story for all the details.  

The Instax Pal has now been announced! (Image credit: Fujifilm)

ORIGINAL STORY (Sep 14 2023): The rumor is that Fujifilm is to launch a "very small digital camera" in September – so it only has a couple of weeks left to get it out the door. But what exactly can we expect to see? 

For a company that has literally just been showing off its brand-new medium format camera, the Fujifilm GFX 100 II, how small is small? Is Fujifilm's planning to go toe-to-toe-with GoPro, or are we looking at a new compact camera?

The report comes from an unnamed source speaking to Fuji Rumors, and that is about the extent of the detail offered – but that hasn't stopped Fujifilm fans from speculating, with a Fujifilm X70 successor seen as a likely possibility. What made the X70 so compact was, among other things, not having a viewfinder (something Sony did recently when it wanted to make the very compact ILX-LR1 full-frame camera).

From 2016, the X70 boasted a fixed 28mm EFL lens and 16MP APS-C X-Trans sensor. What users loved about the device was the separate aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation controls, and something like this would appeal to the world's army of street photographers.

Since 2016, we'd expect to see an improvement in the 77-point AF and maximum expanded ISO of 51,200, not to mention the fact the video tops out at what – by modern standards – is a disappointing 1080p (though, admittedly, at 60fps). Battery capacity and weather sealing were also gripes with this model.

Looking even further back, Fujifilm's X30 (from 2014) might also offer an interesting template with the option of manual zoom – which seems a good way to keep the parts and size under control.

Whatever the case, there is more demand for the beloved Fujifilm X100V than the company seems able to meet (check the links below to see stock). Though we're not sure that going extra small – even if it saves some materials – will solve the whole parts supply chain issue!

UPDATE: Now the earth has revolved a couple more times a little more flesh has been put on the Fujifilm tiny camera rumor, including a price.

Whatever your definition of "very small," we have some advice; look at our guides to the best cameras for street photography, the best action cameras, and even the best spy cameras (though that would be a bit of a surprise move).

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