Fujifilm issues immediate GFX 100 II firmware update – just as it reaches stores

Fujifilm GFX 100 II being used by a photographer outdoors
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Fujifilm has released a firmware update for the new GFX 100 II. Yes, the camera that only went on sale last week! 

The update for the already popular Fujifilm GFX 100 II  appears to fix a number of issues. The firmware fixes six known problems, rather than any upgrades to features and functionality. The GFX 100 II has all the hallmarks and hype to become one of the best hybrid cameras of the year not to mention the best medium format camera. It has been extremely well received exceeding preorder expectations. It was announced at the most recent X-Summit in Stockholm on September 14, alongside news of five new GF lenses.

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

The detailed overview of the firmware update can be seen below:

Firmware update Ver.1.10:

" 1. Black border appears on the left side of the image when making RAW output from DCI-8K movie (ex. Monitor output with “ATOMOS”, “Blackmagic Design”, etc.).

Note: The above border will be recorded on the movie.

2. EVF display rarely becomes abnormal at continuous shooting under the following conditions.

・EVF Setting in boost mode: EVF Frame rate priority (120P)

3. RAW images taken with GFX100 II may not be able to be developed depending on the development software.

4. While continuous shooting, the camera cannot turn off the power or freeze depending on the following shooting conditions.

(1) Conditions to not turn off the power

Shutter speed changes from faster than 1/4000 second to slower than 1/4000 second with the following settings.

・Shutter Type: M+E

・Continuous shooting mode: High-speed burst

・Focus Mode: AF-C

・Shutter AE: OFF

(2) Conditions to freeze

Shutter speed changes from slower than 1/4000 second to faster than 1/4000 second with the following settings.

・Shutter type: M+E

・Continuous shooting mode: High-speed burst

・Focus Mode: AF-C

・Shutter AE: OFF

5. The image display on EVF, LCD or external monitor through HDMI seems abnormal under certain conditions.

6. Other minor bugs "

If this is your first time updating firmware, there is a great step-by-step guide on the Fujifilm website found here.

It is quite unusual to get a firmware update so fast, in this instance so fast it comes before the official release. Although only 6 fixes, they seem to be pretty substantial issues that make you question how this got past Fujifilm's initial quality checks. High-speed continuous shooting is one of the major attractions of the new camera, and for it to not work effectively out of the box is a worry. Luckily this has been rectified by Fujifilm with this update and is much more aligned with Fujifilm standards.  A lesson to check firmware updates when purchasing new equipment.

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Kalum Carter
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