Create your own custom wrapping paper thanks to Fujifilm!

Fujifilm wrapping paper
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We know it might be a little early for some to start thinking about the holidays, but they're right around the corner. And if, like us, you're someone who starts prepping ideas for gift-giving in advance, then be sure to save this to your bookmark folder. 

Fujifilm is offering a new and fun way for users to get creative this holiday season, by uploading unique designs and images to wrapping paper – which it prints on premium semi-gloss paper for the ultimate gift-wrapping experience. 

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Take your gift-wrapping up a notch this year, and replace your usual humdrum paper with a more personal and creative touch. The benefits of using personalized wrapping paper will undoubtedly set you and your gifts apart this holiday season.

While Fujifilm isn't the first to offer this bespoke wrapping paper printing service, the power and quality of the Fujifilm brand does set it apart from the competition. And aside from bringing a smile to the face of your loved ones, you could even get away with a little self-promotion as the family photographer by uploading your portfolio or logo onto the paper. 

Not to mention, this would be great for boosting the packaging aesthetic of smaller businesses that ship out orders for Christmas, with company logos on the gift wrap acting as further cohesive branding, and a keepsake for the customer. 

Ever get confused about whose gift belongs to who when all shuffled in a pile under the tree? This Fujifilm wrapping paper could put an end to all the sibling squabbles, with each recipient's face plastered over the corresponding gift. 

Experimenting with the design service to create Doodle wrapping paper featuring my dog (Image credit: Fujifilm)

The biggest issue with wrapping paper is that it gets wasted, and while some people do make a conscious effort to collect the paper and save it for next year, not all of it can be recycled or reusable. This wrapping paper from Fujifilm might be a tad more expensive, but can be a gift in itself for the recipient to keep forever if they choose, and trim into the perfect size for framing as a separate picture. 

Available in sizes of either 24"x16" or "36"x"24", this paper should be big enough to wrap up multiple gifts, big or small. Plenty of background patterns can be selected to complement your images. The wrapping paper can be uploaded, designed, and purchased via MyFujifilm in the UK, and Fujifilm Printlife in the US and Canada. 

Take a look at our tutorial for making a unique Christmas photo candle for a quick, affordable, and easy last-minute gift with sentimental value. Also, with the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills making it difficult for many of us to afford luxury gifts for loved ones this year, why not offer your own photography skills and services as a gift in the form of a photoshoot voucher from friends and family? Or arrange a festive pet photo shoot and print a canvas for your close friends to cherish. 

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