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The best canvas print services in 2020

The best canvas print services in 2020
(Image credit: CEWE)

Looking for the best canvas print services so you can finally show off your favorite photos? You're in the right place. Whether you want to display one of your best landscape photos, or simply print a sentimental image in large scale, canvas prints are a fantastic way to liven up your living space and turn any photo into a genuine work of art. 

As the medium has become more accessible, canvas prints have become increasingly popular, with many people preferring the tactile nature of the fabric material over the often-flat finish that images printed on paper can sometimes have. 

We've rounded up the best canvas print services below to help you choose the best service for you. However, if you're new to canvas printing then you might want to check over our top tips before you dive right in. There are a few key considerations that you'll want to keep in mind before you buy a canvas print, so read below to find out how to be savvy canvas print shopper. 

What is a canvas print and how can you get one?

Canvas printing involves taking a photo and printing it onto canvas material using an inkjet printer. Canvas prints are usually much larger than typical photographs, but you can often get smaller sizes as well. Once the print has fully dried, the canvas is then stretched over a wooden frame and secured in place (often with heavy-duty staples). 

While creating a canvas print can take some skill, buying one is super easy. Each of the best canvas print services listed here are set up to be as simple as possible. This means that each website will have a clear step-by-step process to help you upload your image and optimize it perfectly for the final product. 

In fact, some canvas print services even include photo editing software to help you ensure that the photograph you've chosen will suit the canvas size you've selected. This means that you can use drag-and-drop photo upload options and accessible user interfaces to hone your image for the best result possible. 

If at any stage of the process you are unsure of the next step, many of the best canvas print services have 24/7 online assistance to help you complete your order. 

Best canvas print services in US

(Image credit: CanvasPop)

01. CanvasPop

Great canvas printing service at a reasonable price

Canvas type: Matte | Ships to: International | Online assistant: Yes

Excellent quality
Good value for money
Every order handmade
Review service can delay delivery

The clue being very much in the title, CanvasPop specialises in canvas prints, and are one of the best services in terms of ease of use, print quality, speed and cost. "It's as easy as 1-2-3", says the CanvasPop website. And you'll find no argument here. Ordering via the sleek and responsive CanvasPop website is a total cinch. Uploads can be directly from image folders or Instagram and Facebook, with low resolution warnings in place for unsuitable imagery. 

You'll find no issue with print quality here, but to be totally sure you are provided a proof of print to review before finalising your order. And by this mean we mean it is reviewed by a person before the order can be completed, which is great for ensuring a perfect print, but can also mean a delay on shipping. The website promises reviews will take place within 1-3 days, however there is no option to speed up this process (even at an added cost). 

Each and every canvas print is hand-stretched, with the name of the craftsman included on a removable sticker inside the frame. 

CanvasPop may initially seem quite expensive, but the company offers regular deals of up to 50 per cent off, making for a significantly good cost-to-quality ratio. 

(Image credit: Mixbook)

02. Mixbook

An easy way to transform your images into works of art

Canvas type: Gallery-quality textured canvas | Ships to: Worldwide | Online assistant: Yes

Excellent quality
Regular discounts
Longer production time
Cheaper options available

Online photo service Mixbook offers a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to canvas prints. Using a simple drag-and-drop photo editor, creating your design is a cinch, with an in-built image resolution checker to make sure the quality is up to scratch for the size you choose. 

The service isn't the cheapest around, but Mixbook canvas print quality is top notch. Using gallery-quality textured canvas on a solid front construction, prints wont stretch or sag, plus gallery-style frames in espresso, black and white will finish your prints off perfectly. Turn around times are also a little longer than other companies, depending on where you live. 

Mixbook often runs very healthy discounts, so it's always worth checking out their website every so often to scoop up a great deal.

(Image credit: Social Print Studio)

03. Social Print Studio

High quality canvas prints & great customer service

Canvas type: Museum quality | Ships to: International | Online assistant: No

Excellent quality
Easy to use
Limited canvas sizes

Having been in the business of printing photos for almost a decade, the team at Social Print Studio has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to canvas printing. A lesser-known company, but one seriously worth considering if you're after quality, professional-looking prints. 

Making life easy for users all around the globe, the company offers one museum-quality canvas finish using archival inks (permanent, non-fading and resistant to light, heat and water, and contains no impurities - can't get better than that, right?) and a glossy finish. Available in four sizes at one canvas depth, the print is finished wall ready, with a classic black backing and installed with a sawtooth hanger. 

In order to maintain photo clarity, the company details minimum size requirements for each size canvas print as:

  • 8x8" canvas – 800 x 800 pixels 
  • 8x10" canvas – 800 x 1000 pixels 
  • 11x14" canvas – 1100 x 1400 pixels 
  • 16x20" canvas– 1600 x 2000 pixels 

Social Print Studios in-built photo editing software is super-easy to use, operating a simple upload service, with wrap clearly highlighted at every stage. And if you get stuck at any point the customer service is both reliable and friendly.   

(Image credit: Great Big Canvas)

04. Great Big Canvas

Hassle-free way to buy quality canvas prints

Canvas type: Artist's grade canvas | Ships to: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK | Online assistant: Yes

Great quality
Floating frame option
UVB protection built in
Cheaper options available

Great Big Canvas specialises in ready-made canvas prints, including everything from sunsets and beaches to architecture and education. But there's also the option to order custom canvas prints too, ranging from 8 x 10" right up to 36 x 36". Using artist's grade canvas and archival inks, all Great Big Canvas prints have UVB protection built in to protect against fading and moisture. 

Prices aren't the cheapest around, but you get what you pay for, and you're guaranteed quality with Great Big Canvas or your money back. The company regularly offers impressive discounts of up to 50 per cent, which makes for excellent value for money. Great Big Canvas also offers an alternative floating frame option, which adds a really unique, modern feel to canvas photos.  

(Image credit: Walmart )

05. Walmart

A reliable, affordable and quality canvas printing service

Canvas type: HP Artist, Matte, HP Photo, HP Textured, Fujifilm | Ships to: USA | Online assistant: Yes

Highly affordable
Range of styles and sizes 
Not the best quality

You can get pretty much anything at Walmart these days, even canvas prints. And while you might be thinking they're probably not the best quality, you'd be wrong. Ok, sure, they're not quite in the same league at Social Print Studio or CanvasPop, but if you're on a bit of a budget and want a few prints to brighten up your home or studio, Walmart is one of the best canvas print services around. 

There's a somewhat unbelievable range of sizes and themes to choose from, plus no frame, floating, contemporary and traditional frame options for each. Walmart's photo editing software is simple to use, even for beginners, and there's an in-built warning system to notify you when images are poor quality. Canvas types differ depending on the style of print you are after, full details of which you can find via the Walmart website. You'll also find regular, very decent discounts on Walmart's canvas print services, so worth keeping an eye out if you want to save a bit of extra cash. 

(Image credit: Easy Canvas Prints)

06. Easy Canvas Prints

The best budget canvas printing service

Canvas type: Polyester | Ships to: USA, Canada | Online assistant: Yes

Highly affordable
Enhancement service
Regular discounts
Finish lacking in quality 
No image quality warning

If you thought you couldn't get cheaper than Walmart, think again. If you're after a cheap but quality option, Easy Canvas Prints are, by far, the lowest priced printing service listed here. At time of writing, the company currently has up to 97% off various products, meaning right now you could walk away with a 30 x 40" canvas print for just over $30 (opposed to the regular $300). 

Now, obviously with budget services you are going to have to compromise on quality slightly, starting with the canvases being printed on polyester, with a semi-gloss surface, so you'll want to think carefully about lighting and reflection, as well as keeping it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. That said, Easy Canvas still offers a very professional service, with prints that only pro photographers might notice are lacking slightly when it comes to quality. 

The company also prides itself on support, noting on its website how its 'dedicated "Customer Love Team" works hard to ensure 100% satisfaction on each and every order'. And that is something you want to take advantage of when ordering as there is no warning system in place to let you know if your image is too small to be printed at the size you require. This is hardly surprising given the price you're paying for a print, however be sure to use the online assistant or email the team to check the image you want to print is good enough quality for your canvas size ahead of ordering. 

Easy Canvas Prints also offers an enhancement service for an added cost, which includes everything from red eye removal and teeth whitening to oil painting effects and restoring old photographs. 

The best canvas prints: tips for choosing

  • Image quality – Like with any print, image quality is hands down the most important thing to consider when it comes to canvas prints. These larger scale images will require higher resolution files in order to avoid your print looking pixelated, so choosing a canvas print service that fully understands the importance of image resolution is vital. Professional services will have systems in place to highlight when an image provided is not of a high enough resolution and therefore avoid a bad print. A fail-safe way to avoid mistakes is to the email the company ahead of ordering and ask them outright if the quality is good enough for the size of canvas you're after. 
  • Print styles – canvas prints come in various sizes and formats, including single image and collage format and square, portrait, landscape and panoramic orientation. The key to deciding which to go for is the image you're printing. A collage, for example, are great for wedding and holiday photos, whereas a single portrait image would probably be better suited to a square canvas. Again, if you're unsure, email the canvas print company ahead of ordering to ask for advice. 
  • Canvas quality – What canvas are the printing service you have chosen using? Is it matte canvas or gloss canvas? Gloss canvas under light may have an added shine and distorted color, so it's a question worth asking before you proceed. 
  • Finishing details – When you've got a beautiful printed canvas, the last thing you want is lumpy corners that have been folded badly. Folds should not be visible on your print, and if they are, send it back.
  • Delivery times – Bare in mind that due to the nature of the printing process, canvas delivery times will almost certainly take longer than regular prints. That said, many of the bigger companies are still able to turn these around within three days, however that may differ in busier periods so always aim to order at least a week in advance of when you need your canvas to be delivered. 

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