20 years of dominance! Canon has been on top, non-stop, for 2 decades

Canon lenses for RF mount
(Image credit: Canon)

Canon has announced that for the 20th consecutive year (from 2003 to 2022), its interchangeable-lens digital cameras have maintained the No. 1 share of the global market. The chart-topping achievement comes as the ground-breaking Digital Rebel, the first truly mass-market DSLR, celebrates its 20th birthday

Canon's EOS camera lineup includes both mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras, and ranges from high-performance flagship models such as the EOS R3 or EOS-1D X Mark III, all the way down to entry-level models, like the EOS R50 or EOS Rebel T7 (2000D)

Canon also offers an extensive selection of RF lenses for mirrorless and EF lenses for DSLRs, catering to the diverse needs of customers, amateurs, and professionals alike.

Above: Canon's anniversary video, celebrating 20 years of leading the digital interchangeable lens camera market

Canon's journey in the digital SLR camera market began with the introduction of its breakthrough EOS Digital Rebel (known as the EOS 300D in Europe and the EOS Kiss Digital in Japan), which was launched in September 2003. Since then, Canon has launched several groundbreaking products, including the professional-model EOS-1D series and the EOS 5D series, which paved the way for digital SLR video recording. 

Canon's next-generation EOS R System was launched in October 2018, which included the EOS R and EOS RP. This culminated in the launch of the EOS R5 and R3, which feature incredible new tracking autofocus for fast-moving subjects and continuous shooting performance. In December 2021, Canon also launched the EOS VR System, designed to record video for virtual reality content.

In 2022, Canon had a bumper year for cameras, expanding its lineup with the release of the EOS R7, EOS R10, and EOS R6 Mark II full-frame camera, alongside six new RF lenses. Canon followed this up this year with its most recent cameras, the EOS R8 and EOS R50, both cameras offering entry-level features for full-frame and APS-C sensors respectively.

Canon is not going to stop here, with rumors already swirling about its next cameras, with many pundits expecting the release of a Canon EOS R1 camera in the next year in time for the Paris Olympic games, as well as a rumored big update for the Canon EOS R5 adding new tracking features and pixel shift technology that keeps that camera fresh in the minds of consumers and fends off challengers from rival brands.

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