Alfie Tych retro half-frame cameras launched at The Photography Show

Alfie TYCH camera TPS 2022
(Image credit: Beth Nicholls / DCW)

We recently caught up with Dave, founder and creator of Alfie Cameras, at this year's The Photography and Video Show 2022, and he shared with us the very exciting news that the latest Alfie TYCH+ camera has been launched on Kickstarter!

The Alfie TYCH and TYCH+ are super compact 35mm half-frame film cameras, that besides being absolutely adorable, capture fantastic images with options for creative double exposures, and feature not one - but four lenses!

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Alfie Cameras' Kickstarter campaign has gone live at The Photography Show! The company is now in the process of seeking backers to bring the fully functioning beta prototypes of the Alfie TYCH film camera, and its brother, the TYCH + to life. The 35mm half-frame cameraS feature a selection of built-in lenses to allow for endless creativity, experimenting with multiple exposures diptychs, and panoramas.

Alfie TYCH+ (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / DCW)

Aside from being probably the cutest film cameras we've ever seen, the Alfie TYCH/+ is incredibly lightweight, at just 170g, and barely feels like you're holding a camera at all when there's no film cartridge inside. The difference between the two models falls down to the difference in viewfinder design, as well as the TYCH + offering an additional premium glass lens and a super bright glass viewfinder.

The mechanics and build of these cameras are flawlessly designed to perfection, and Dave has truly thought of everything, from a top LCD screen that displays which mode the camera is in, as well as indicating which lens is selected and offering users the option to switch between the different modes with ease.  

Back of the Alfie TYCH+ (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / DCW)

The Alfie Cameras product lineup has been developed through a series of prototypes over the past year, by experienced design engineer and photographer, Dave Faulkner. Funding from backers via the Kickstarter launch campaign will support the refinement of the Alfie TYCH, and the purchasing of components and fixtures for volume production ready for an eventual market release.

Backers will benefit from tiered rewards that include being the first in line for early shipment of the TYCH, or TYCH +, and add-ons such as discounts on film development, and starter film packs for UK backers, having teamed up with the likes of Analogue Wonderland, dubblefilm, and Ilford to provide these offers.

Viewfinder manual mode (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / DCW)

Both camera models offer the combined benefits of modern electronics, with that of the traditional beauty of analog photography. When shooting with the TYCH you can use full manual shutter control, or select auto modes for each of the lenses. In auto mode, the camera will use its built-in light meter to automatically expose the shot for you, making the process of shooting film much easier for beginners. 

When speaking to the lovely Dave at The Photography Show, he expressed that "We need at least one hundred backers [on Kickstarter], that's our minimum batch size that we can make the product work at, ideally we would love to go higher than that, as it allows us to get into the wholesale market, but one hundred backers are the goal for the moment". 

(Image credit: Beth Nicholls / DCW)

Dave additionally stated that there's another offer for those who support in the early stages, "You can back the entry-level model on Kickstarter if you get in quick for £275, and then upgrade the viewfinder for £100 to the premium viewfinder, and you just won't have the premium lens on it."

At the time of writing, Alfie Camera's Kickstarter currently has 58 backers and has reached an impressive $22,717 out of its $30,819 goal (approximately £26,985 /AU$45,961). There's just 29 days to go until this project's deadline goal, and you can pledge now to support the campaign and bring the Alfie TYCH to life.

Alfie TYCH (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / DCW)

The Photography and Video Show 2022 will be closing its doors tomorrow, Monday 19 September, as a mark of respect for the National Day of Mourning in the UK. However, the Show will re-open its doors on Tuesday for a whole host of Pro Masterclasses, live talks, and panels. 

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