Forget full frame – half frame is back! This 35mm camera gets over 72 shots

Alfie Cameras launching new 35mm camera
(Image credit: Alfie Cameras)

UK based startup and family business, Alfie Cameras, is in the process of developing its latest 35mm film camera, that uses half frame film – allowing for Over 72 images produced from just one roll of film!

The new Alfie TYCH camera offers a selection of built-in lenses, with automatic exposure mode and charges via a USB rechargeable battery for extra convenience! 

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The team at Alfie Cameras need your help to test their first camera, you can register your interest to become a beta tester on its website, and follow the journey of the Alfie TYCH film camera ahead of its anticipated kickstarter launch expected in September. Beta testers will be required to provide feedback on the camera itself to help refine the product details ahead of its official release.

Based in Farnborough, UK, Alfie Cameras was founded with the aim of providing creative film photography cameras for the growing community of analogue film photographers and consumers. The company say it will bring high-quality cameras to the analogue market that offer a fun and creative experience for its users.

The Alfie "TYCH" camera name is supposedly a reference to the tiny size of the camera, as well as a play on the word "Diptych", which has often been used to describe pairs of photographs taken using half frame film cameras.

(Image credit: Alfie Cameras)

The new 35mm film camera from the company has a quirky design to it, appearing to be relatively small, with a selection of three built-in lenses that will allow for endless creativity. Users of this half frame camera can also try multiple exposures, diptychs and panoramas using its awesome features.

Automatic exposure mode is another cool option that lets users point and shoot using a manual mode allowing for full control over images and settings no matter which film is being used. The battery of the Alfie TYCH is also USB rechargeable, for modern convenience, and the film camera also boasts a near-silent shutter that will make street photography an absolute breeze.

The team behind Alfie Cameras have been testing the prototypes and sharing progress via its Instagram page, where sample images and the process of capturing them can be seen.

Dave Faulkner, owner of Alfie Cameras and an experienced design professional, has shared that: “I’ve taken the things I wanted to see in a half frame camera and squeezed them in to a compact design. The Alfie TYCH combines the benefits of modern electronics with the beauty of analogue photography.”

Be sure to register your interest to become a beta tester for Alfie Cameras, and you can also catch them at this years The Photography Show, taking place next month at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, from 17-20 September 2022. 

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