10 things to see at Adobe MAX 2022, starting today

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A lot of photographers and video makers use Adobe apps in the course of their work, most commonly Photoshop, Premiere and Lightroom, but don't usually think about them a lot. Adobe wants to change that, and so they put a lot of effort into their annual global event, Adobe MAX – which is taking place in Los Angeles om October 18-20.

This event serves as a way to get the word out about major new features in Adobe software to the world's media, along the lines of an Apple reveal. We've already had a look at the new Photoshop features and latest Lightroom features.

Adobe MAX is also a place where attendees can learn software tricks and techniques, through deep-dive sessions with Adobe experts. And it's a way to promote Adobe as a company that cares about creativity – and connects people who do too – via talks by world-leading creatives across multiple disciplines.

All that means that thousands of people are willing to travel to Los Angeles and shell out $1,895 for a conference ticket. But if that's not you, then here's some good news.

During the pandemic, Adobe Max went online only. And although it's returning in physical form this year, you can still register in advance, here, and you'll be able to watch the best stuff in the comfort of your own home, for free.

What's on at Adobe Max 2022

This year's event takes place from Tuesday 18 October to Thursday 20 October, and because of time differences, there are four virtual schedules, depending on where you are in the world.

To give you a taster of what's on offer, we've picked out a few events below that Digital Camera World readers should find interesting. But there are lots more: see the full list of speakers here (filter for 'Virtual' to see all those appearing online). 

Also, make sure you check our news feed next Tuesday, where we'll share the biggest news stories coming out of Adobe Max, and explain how they can benefit you in your photography, videography or film-making.

1. Opening Keynote from Adobe experts

Adobe's Scott Belsky will reveal the latest new software features (Image credit: Adobe)

As ever, the conference kicks off with the Opening Keynote, a two-hour long walkthrough of all the new features Adobe is launching for the Creative Cloud and other software. If you don't have time to watch live, check the Digital Camera World homepage, where we'll bring you all the most relevant news for photographers and videographers.

2. Inspiration Keynote with Cristina Mittermeier

If the Opening Keynote is designed to educate, the Inspiration Keynote is meant to, well, inspire. Tune in to hear from photographer Cristina Mittermeier, film director Siân Heder, painter Kadir Nelson, DJ Steve Aoki, and artist Jeff Koons as they share what keeps them motivated to keep creating.

3. Using Lightroom for Mobile to Take and Edit your Best Photos Yet, with Aundre Larrow

Visual artist Aundre Larrow hosts a hands-on virtual session designed to familiarize you with the camera built into Lightroom for mobile. You’ll also learn about the editing tools you can use to spruce up any image you take and make your images shine wherever you decide to share them.

The event is a mix of Adobe news, software lessons and talks on different creative disciplin (Image credit: Adobe)

4. From Stills to Video: How to Transition Like a Pro

Mark Mann, renowned portrait photographer, recently turned his hand to shooting video and found the learning curve to be steep. In Adobe Max talk, Mark reveals how his stills expertise acts as a major asset, but also reveals some challenges for directing video. 

5. Creating Mouthwatering Food Photos with Lightroom

Join food photographer Bea Lubas for this step-by-step, example-rich session on food photography. Follow along as Bea shares how to elevate your food photos through lighting, composition, and plating before she dives into Lightroom. 

6. Digital Storytelling: Epic Solo Himalayan Motorcycle Trip

In this session, world-renowned photographer Jody MacDonald brings you on her latest adventure in search of hope and inspiration in a rapidly changing world. She’ll unpack her process and venture into new media — like bringing travel photography and video editing to YouTube.

7. MAX Sneaks with Kevin Hart

(Image credit: Adobe)

Another annual highlight of the conference is MAX Sneaks: a sneak peek at new tools and new features coming to Adobe software soon. There's no guarantee these ideas will actually make it into new products, but it's intriguing stuff nonetheless, and normally presented in a fun, light-hearted fashion. This year's co-host is comedian Kevin Hart.

8. Mix Traditional Photography, CGI, & 3D

Join photographer and director Lionel Koretzky to learn about his journey from the traditional photoshoot to CGI and 3D and how much photographers have to bring to the table in this ever-evolving medium. You’ll see how 3D is the next evolution in photography, providing versatile new tools to photographers and brands to extend their creativity to a new world of possibilities.

9. Powerful Lightroom Color Tools Make Me Feel Like, WHOA!

Learn how the color tools in Photoshop Lightroom can help transform your images into artistic masterpieces. Deep dive into the sea of colors with ZEISS Ambassador Kenneth Hines, Jr. in this engaging session where you’ll explore the powerful color-enhancing tools Lightroom offers. 

10. Race Cars, Cameras, Action! Larry Chen’s Photography Process

Follow automotive journalist and car culture photographer Larry Chen as he goes through his shooting, culling, and editing process using Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro on his Intel-based MSI Creator laptop. Larry will demonstrate how he captures images using Canon cameras and chooses the best ones on the fly. 

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