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Adobe Lightroom Downloader allows you to retrieve images from the cloud

Adobe has added a quick and easy export function to its cloud-based Lightroom CC program. 

While Adobe’s newly announced Lightroom CC promised to be a convenient storage service for JPEGs and Raw files, some photographers had raised concerns that the inability to export files from the service essentially locked them in the ecosystem. Lightroom Downloader removes that worry, allowing photographers to quickly extricate files from the program should they decide it’s no longer for them. 

The software automatically groups files by date and places them in a location determined by the user, with edits to Raw files saved as .XMP files. Anyone that decides to use the service to get out of the Lightroom CC system should be aware that files will still be available to download for three months after a trial membership has ended, and one year after a paid membership has ended.

Adobe Lightroom CC

With the announcement of Lightroom CC effectively heralding the end of standalone, downloadable Lightroom services, it’s encouraging to see Adobe still looking after users who don’t want to be entirely locked into the cloud.

Lightroom CC is designed to offer a synchronised experience across desktop, mobile and web, with new tools for cataloguing and editing. It also makes use of Adobe’s Sensei software, an intelligent tool for automatically tagging, keywording and grouping similar images.

It’s also had a general spruce-up, with automatic synchronisation with the cloud meaning users can make a few tweaks to an image on the desktop app, then instantly have it available on mobile and web for quick sharing. 

You can find out more about Lightroom CC on Adobe’s website, and also check out a video tutorials that go into a little more detail with regard to the new features of the software, including some handy quick editing tools that promise to speed up workflow.

Adobe Lightroom Downloader: Pricing and availability

The Lightroom Downloader service is free to download now, for MacOS v10.13 (High Sierra) or Windows 10. Head here to get hold of your copy.

You can sign up to Lightroom CC as part of a Creative Cloud subscription, prices starting at £9.98 per month. Head here to have a look at the available packages.

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