What the f-stop! Test your photographic knowledge in our quiz of 2023

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2023 has been a blockbuster year of amazing photos, new technology, and blockbuster camera releases – but how much do you really remember about it? Our  quiz of the year will test you out with 10 fun multiple-choice questions. How well will you do?

And remember: no Googling!

Leica’s back making instant cameras, but what is the added extra in the Sofort 2? (Image credit: Leica)

1 Leica made its return to making instant cameras in 2023, but what was the new feature of the Sofort 2?

a It gives square prints

b It has a zoom lens

c It records a digital image, as well as producing a print

d It has rangefinder focusing

2 Nikon released its first full-frame retro mirrorless camera in 2023. What was it called?

a Nikon Zfc

b Nikon Df

c Nikon Z1

d Nikon Zf

The Sony A9 III

The Sony A9 III is an absolute powerhouse, but do you remember what its fastest shutter speed is? (Image credit: Sony)

3 Sony stunned the world with news of its upcoming A9 III pro sports camera. What is its top shutter speed?

a 1/10,000 sec

b 1/40,000 sec

c 1/80,000 sec

d 1/200,000 sec

4 Sigma started making its first lenses for which lens mount in 2023?

a Canon RF

b Nikon Z

c Sony A

d Fujifilm GF

5 AI was the big story of 2023, and not just in photography. What did Adobe call its new AI text-to-image generation tool?

a Barfly

b Dragonfly

c Greenfly

d Firefly

6 What was the subject of the overall winner in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023?

a Bees

b A snow leopard

c A crab

d Fish

Quiz time

Which company joined the growing trend for launching monochrome-only cameras with a new DSLR? (Image credit: Future)

7 Which company introduced a DSLR in 2023 that shoots only in black and white?

a Leica

b Pentax

c Alice

d Polaroid

8 Which compact camera became unbelievably popular in 2023 due to a TikTok craze?

a Kodak Ektar 35

b Leica Q3

c Ricoh GR III

d Fujifilm X100V

The GoPro Hero 12 Black

Some action camera aficionados were surprised when GoPro ditched a feature for the Hero 12 Black – but which feature? (Image credit: GoPro)

9 In 2023, which feature did GoPro controversially get rid of for its latest flagship action camera?

a Image stabilization

b Front LCD screen



10 Which company launched the Plena lens in 2023?

a Laowa

b Cosina

c Leica

d Nikon

Want to know what you scored? Find out on the answers page…

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