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The best Sony RX100 VI deals in November 2019

Sony RX100 VI deals
(Image credit: Sony)

The original Sony RX100 was something of a landmark for compact cameras... thanks to its premium, large-sized sensor. There have now been six different generations of this luxury point-and-shoot model – and the latest, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VI rewrites the rules again by adding a much more powerful zoom. It is a great pocket camera - and we are here to give you details of the best buy deals available today.

Several generations of the RX100 are still on sale, but the RX100 Mark VI has one big advantage of its predecessors in that it has a built-in zoom with the equivalent of a 24-200mm reach. That is a superzoom range, and gives you the reach to shoot much more subjects than earlier versions that had a much more modest 24-70mm zoom. The big lens thankfully has a built-in image stabilization that will cut out the camera shake when using the telephoto end of the zoom.

Sony RX100 VI has 24-200mm zoom in a body that weighs just 300g

Sony RX100 VI has 24-200mm zoom in a body that weighs just 300g

(Image credit: Sony)

The ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T*24-200mm lens is not the only talking point. At the heart of the camera is the large one-inch 20 megapixel sensor. Another new feature is a touchscreen. With this, the user can focus on the subject and fire the shutter with a press of the LCD screen, and the display also tilts up through 180º (which is a boon for selfie shooters and bloggers), and the LCD can also tilt downwards.

Other features include the hallmark 2.35million-dot pop-up electronic viewfinder and a 315-point phase-detect autofocus system.

Users also have the ability to capture images at full resolution at a blisteringly-fast  24fps, with autofocus and auto-exposure maintained throughout, while you can shoot 4K video using the full area of the sensor.

Sony RX100 VI: The tilting screen tilits up through 180° and down through 90°


(Image credit: Sony)

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