Instax Mini 12 vs 11

Instax Mini 11 and Mini 12 cameras comparison
The newer Instax Mini 12 (left) next to the Mini 11 (Image credit: Gareth Bevan)

Fujifilm has launched a brand new Instax Mini camera in their long-running line of wildly popular instant cameras. The Instax Mini is Fujifilm's cheapest way to get into instant photography, with the camera offering a no-frills point-and-shoot simplicity. 

The Instax lineup has long featured in our range of best instant cameras, with Fujifilm offering a range of different models from the suave-looking Instax Mini 40, to the larger print Instax Square SQ1 or Instax Wide 300 cameras.

With such a simple camera, there isn't much to upgrade or improve, but Fujifilm has made a couple of internal and external changes to keep their latest Instax Mini 12 new and fresh.

(Image credit: Gareth Bevan)

Instax Mini 12 vs Instax Mini 11: Size & weight

Instax Mini 11 (left) and Mini 12 (right) (Image credit: Gareth Bevan)

Despite the Instax 12 undergoing a small redesign, both cameras are near enough the same size, with the Instax 12 measuring slightly narrower, but a little taller. The Instax Mini 12 measures in at 122x104x66.6mm, and the Instax Mini 11 measures 121.2x107.6mmx67.3mm (HxWxD).

The Instax Mini 12 comes in a bit heavier than the older Instax Mini 11. With the newer Mini 12 weighing 306g and the Instax Mini 11 weighing 293g. Both of these measurements are without batteries, strap, or film.

Instax Mini 12 vs Instax Mini 11: Colors

Instax Mini 12 - the five color options (Image credit: Fujifilm)

Instax Mini 11 - the six color options (Image credit: Fujifilm)

The Instax Mini 12 comes in a more pastel selection of shades than the Mini 11, and with an additional color. The new colors are a little more subtle on the Mini 12 but still offer the playful and young aesthetic that the Instax Mini range is known for.

The Instax Mini 11 comes in Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Grey, Ice White, Oastek Green, and Lilac Purple. While the Instax Mini 12 recreates a few shades with Pastel Blue, Blossom Pink, Lilac Purple, Clay White, and a Mint Green color.

Instax Mini 12 vs Instax Mini 11: Lens

Instax Mini 12 (left) and Mini 11 (right) (Image credit: Gareth Bevan)

The biggest difference between the two cameras is in the lens. The Instax Mini 12 adds a new twist mechanism for opening the shutter and powering on the camera, with one smooth twist performing both functions. Another further twist pops the camera into selfie or 'close-up' mode. You can then twist the lens again to close it and power down the camera.

The Instax Mini 11 has a much more inelegant solution, with a large button to press that pushes open the lens, the lens can then be manually pulled up to move into selfie mode before the lens is pushed back down again to close it and power off the camera.

The Instax Mini 12 also offers a parallax lens correction feature that promises to better line up the lens and viewfinder, especially in 'close-up' mode, to make it easier to frame your shots accurately. This isn't a major issue on the Instax Mini 11, but any progress that makes the photography experience better and easier is a win.

Instax Mini 12 vs Instax Mini 11: Price

(Image credit: Gareth Bevan)

The Instax Mini 12 is launching for the same price as the Instax Mini when it was first released and is still widely sold for. Although, with the launch of the newer version, you might well be able to pick an Instax Mini 11 up at a cheaper price as stock is phased out to make room for the newer model.

You will lose out on that new lens design, but otherwise, the older Instax Mini 11 offers almost the exact same feature set as the newer Mini 12, so if the price is a decisive factor for you, then the Mini 11 is still an excellent camera to pick up over the new version. 

Over time, we would expect to see prices on the older Mini 11 get better and better - with some color options getting bigger discounts than others.

Instax Mini 12 vs 11: Conclusion

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Both the Instax Mini 11 and Mini 12 are fantastic instant cameras, offering the same fantastic and fun Instax photography experience with only a few minor differences concentrated around the Instax Mini lens. 

When deciding between these cameras there are two fundamental questions. Firstly, is the Instax Mini 11 reduced in price? If not, then it will most likely be the same price as the Mini 12, with the newer version being a better pick. 

Secondly, if the Instax Mini 11 is reduced, is that saving worth it - and is it in a color you like? You would be missing out on having the newer and more functional lens, but not a big leap in terms of other features, so a significant saving on the cost of the Mini 11 should make it a very attractive option.

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