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The best wedding albums in 2021: create a personalized album of photos

Best wedding albums in 2021
(Image credit: Belcraft)

The best wedding albums can be a wonderful chance to capture the magic moments from the special day – the bride getting ready, to the ceremony and the first dance. It can be a way for you to show off your pictures too. Not only does a photo album make a special gift, but making a personalized wedding album also gives you the opportunity to get some of those photos on your phone or hard drive the attention they deserve. 

Wedding albums are special gifts that are cherished possessions; there's something about the tactile experience of physically flicking through one and looking at photos from a special day. And we've lined up a range of luxury, high-quality wedding albums, to selectively picked mid-range ones, so you can trust we'll have an album here to suit your needs and budget.

The best wedding albums featured here would also make an ideal memento or gift to celebrate or remember a special event. And while they are all acid-free, some will need extra attachments, for the photos. This can take hours if you opt for fiddly little ones, but they are a recommended option in our buying guide to the best scrapbooking glue for photo albums.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, take a look at our guide to the best photo books for a modern all-in-one printed option, our alternative guide to the best scrapbooks, or consider one of the best digital photo frames for an alternative way to display lots of images. 

Additionally, if you need some photos to fill out your best photo album, check out our best photo printing online guide or our best photo printer guide. 

The best wedding albums in 2021

(Image credit: Leatherkind)

1. Leatherkind Capri Leather Photo Album

The best luxury wedding album

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 300x 6x4in (15x10cm) prints | Size: 30 x 24 x 6cm, 50 pages | Cover material: Leather

High-quality Italian leather
Flexible layouts 
Good value
Can be fiddly

This gorgeous Leatherkind photo book has a real sense of luxury, thanks to its high-quality, handcrafted Italian leather cover. (The smell of which is lovely, not that fake kind.) The interior is scrapbook in style, giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to layouts – but you will need to think about photo corners or photo mounts, which can be quite fiddly and will take time compared to self-adhesive or slip-in albums, but will look beautiful. You can fit up to 300 6x4-inch photos in this album, so if you want to include larger prints it's best to look elsewhere. What’s great about a book like this is that you can mix and match print sizes to suit your own personal taste.

(Image credit: Vienrose)

2. Vienrose Photo Album

The best self-adhesive wedding album for big occasions

Type: Slip-in | Number of photos: 600 | Size: 35.6 x 33 x 5.1 cm | Cover material: PU leather

Personalize the cover with the drop-in window design
Good value
Large capacity 
Little ability to change the layout of images

The Vienrose album is designed to take lots of pictures – so a great way of capturing a big celebration from every angle in the one book. There are 600 4x6in photo pockets in the standard version, but so that you can mix it up a little, there is also an alternative with 620 pockets that allows you to include 3x5in, 4x6in and 5x7in prints. There is a good range of colors for the hard-wearing leather cover too – the gold version looks particularly impressive, but there are blue, black and brown options too. The leather isn't real, but at this price, that's fair enough.

(Image credit: Rustic Town)

3. Rustic Town Genuine Leather Photo Album

The best value large, leather wedding album

Type: Slip-in | Number of photos: 200 | Size: Length 8.7", Width 1.2", Height 12" inches | Cover material: Leather

Good value
Quality product
Medium capacity (200 photos)

This genuine handmade, leather photo album with a wrap closure is perfect for a wedding gift. It feels and looks like a luxury product: The interior features high-quality cotton rag paper with a transparent, protective overlay sheet between each page that feel durable. It's got a great vintage feel and finish; you'd have to use photo dots or corners, but that would enhance the beauty of this lovely album – you can really show off your images in a modern way. This wedding album holds just 200 4x6-inch or 5x7-inch photos, so it's a little on the smaller size. 

(Image credit: Walther Design)

4. Leatherkind Personalized Cortona Leather Photo Album

The best leather, engraved, handmade scrapbook

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 120 8x10, 6x8, 5x7, 4x6 photos | Size: 8.7 x 1.2 x 12 inches | Cover material: Leather

Comes with a unique gift box
High-quality leather
Protective interior sheeting
Only holds 120 photos
You have to use mounts or photo corners to display your snaps

If money is no object, or even if it is, but you'd like to buy the very best leather photo album that you can, then look no further than this luxury product from Leatherkind. The Cortona album is handmade in Italy using top-grain leather called Spazzolato – a material which is usually reserved for use in high-end designer handbags! The leather is lustrously smooth thanks to advanced tanning techniques and the album has a contemporary design featuring hand stitched, subtly contrasting leather edging: it's quite simply, beautiful. Inside, the high-quality, acid-free pages are separated by transparent sheets, which ensures your photos are kept in pristine condition, as they stop your photos from potentially rubbing on each other and they help to prevent a build up of moisture from within your album. As the album is 6 x 22 x 26 cm, it’s one of the largest hand-crafted albums you can buy, so there’s lots of room to personalize it. Talking of personalizing, there's the option to have this album engraved too. So, if you're looking to create a gift or an heirloom that will wow people, this scrapbook, with its luxurious leather and contemporary appeal, is difficult to beat.

(Image credit: Pioneer)

5. Pioneer X-Pando Magnetic Album

The most versatile self-adhesive wedding album

Type: Self-adhesive | Number of photos: Varies | Size: 12.99 x 12.01 x 1.30 inches (11 3/8 x 11 3/8 in pages, 20 pages | Cover material: Faux-leather

Easy to put together
Stylish design
Good value
Captions harder to include 

A self-adhesive album like this one from Pioneer is great for both flexibility and ease of use. You can create your own layouts and templates quickly and easily, without the bother and hassle of photo corners or photo mounts. On the down side, if you were hoping to include captions here, a word of warning: you can’t write easily directly onto the pages, so you’ll need to create caption cards or inserts for that. However, with no restrictions on layout, you can also include tickets, postcards, menus and other keepsakes. The traditional (faux) leather cover looks great on your bookshelf, and with several different colors to choose from, you should be able to find one to match your taste, or the occasion.

(Image credit: Hama)

6. Hama Fine Art Bookbound Album

Best budget wedding album for your photos

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 250 6x4in (15x10cm) prints | Size: 29 x 32cm, 50 pages | Cover material: Paper

Window in cover gives personalized finish
Lots of space
Flexible layout options
Can be fiddly 

When it comes to displaying your photos in multiple albums, you'll want a design that allows you to see one album from the others. This neat and affordable design has a window cover – allowing you to customize each volume with a different picture that can help you tell which album is which. It's scrapbook in style, so remember to pick up something to attach your photos to each page – such as photo corners, or photo mounts. These can be a little bit fiddly, but a scrapbook does give you scope to include lots of different photo sizes, as well as other items, such as wedding menus, tickets, and so on, on the pages. All in all, this album is well made and offers great value.

(Image credit: Walther Design)

7. Walther Design 800 P Classic Leather Madrid Photo Album

A great classic, quality leather wedding album

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 300 | Size: 32 x 7 x 32 cm | Cover material: Leather

Elegant product
Impressive book binding
A litte pricey

This high-quality bound photo album is a joy to behold. It has 80 cream-coloured, fine, Büttenpapier with glassine interleaves, so will take a load of photos. Like all genuine leather products, the album will become even more beautiful with age. The unique drawing of the elegant marbled leather, the spine with lined jewellery cuffs and the fine, all-round quilted seam ensure that this photo album is a cut above the rest. It comes in an elegant presentation box, so you can be sure your gift will be safe and well received. At 32 x 32 cm this album is a fair size to hold all the special memories from your day. The best thing about this album are is how the pages lay open when you go to view them: the book binding on this album is very impressive.

(Image credit: GPIRAL)

8. Gpiral Photo Album

A simple, affordable wedding album that holds 600 or 1,000 photos

Type: Pockets | Number of photos: 600/1,000 | Size: 33.7 x 32.1 x 9.3 cm | Cover material: Leather

Great value
Easy to put together
Available in a range of colors
Interior pockets feel a bit plasticky

This elegant, 'leather'-cover wedding photo album offers really good value. It has a display window on the front, and can hold a total of 600 4x6 inch pictures, plus if you need more room, there's a version that holds 1,000 photos. The album uses high-quality photo sleeves that are clear, acid- and PVC-free to make sure your precious photos are archival safe. The best thing about this album is the way the 4x6 photos slip neatly in the sleeve without any slippage: it makes creating the album really easy, and, unlike some albums with pockets, the photos fit neatly so you can be assured that your pictures are safely housed. This album comes in a range of colors to suit your occasion.

(Image credit: Generic Brands)

9. Generic Brands Wedding Photo Album

A simple wedding album that holds 800 photos

Type: Pockets | Number of photos: 800 photos and is suitable for 6x4 | Size: 45 x 30 x 5cm | Cover material: Leather

Lots of space
Only takes 6x4-inch photos

Use this photo album to store your photos, or you can give it as a gift to your family, or as a wedding album. If you've got a load of pictures that you'd like to turn into a special gift, or collection, this is the album for you - it can hold a huge 800 photos! The pocket inserts allow you to storage your photos on both the front and back of the pages. As it's only suitable for 6x4 /15.2x10.2cm, it's not as versatile as other albums featured here, but it's a very good value and the pictures are easy to load into the pockets.

(Image credit: Papuro Amalfi)

10. Papuro Amalfi Italian Hand Made Leather Photo Album

A large wedding album that can hold a large amount of photos

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 200 | Size: 30 x 23cm | Cover material: Leather

Option to emboss
Quality leather product
A bit pricey

This Papuro Amalfi Italian handmade leather album is perfect to use as a wedding album. It features lovely, interior pages that are large (30 x 23cm) and give you the ability to be free with your layout. The leather exterior is soft yet durable, so it will keep your photos safe while developing a lovely patina over time. And don't forget you'll need to get some photo corners or dots to attach your photos. This can be a fiddly job, so if you'd rather not spend your time creating the layout, you should probably opt for a pocket design or self-adhesive photo album.

(Image credit: Ienpajnepqn)

11. IENPAJNEPQN Laminated DIY Album

The best self-adhesive wedding album that comes in a range of small sizes

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 300 | Size: 315x325mm | Cover material: Viscose

Available in a range of sizes
Neat window display

This cute small self-adhesive album is capable of storing a fair amount of your favourite wedding photos. The album has 80 self-adhesive pages (40 sheets) inside making putting together your creation is really easy; so if you can't be bothered with fiddling around with photo corners and the like, this is a really good option. The size of these isn't the best if you've got any big prints, but that's what's we like: at just five inches, the album is incredibly tactile and the quality of the leather makes you want to pick it up. This wedding album comes in various sizes and is available in Beige, Brown and Brick Red leather options. Each one will create a unique patina over time. There's a lot to like here.

(Image credit: Belcraft)

12. Belcraft Tivoli Large Recycled Leather Bound Photo Album

The best value, large, leather scrapbook-style wedding album you can buy

Type: Scrapbook | Number of photos: 120 6x4 | Size: 33 x 26.6 x 6.8 cm | Cover material: Leather

Premium leather product
Protective interior sheeting
Embossed option
Only holds 120 photos
You have to use mounts or photo corners to display your snaps

This Tivoli scrapbook from Belcraft is hand-made using recycled leather and it feels and smells absolutely wonderful. It contains 40 (80 sides) of high-quality cream pages that are interspersed with protective tissue paper, so you can be assured that your photos will remain safe and moisture-free. The quality of the paper is outstanding and the tissue between pages gives the album a classy feel, perfect for a wedding album. However, don't forget that you'll need to buy some kind of photo mounts or adhesive in order to stick your snaps in, and that the job of fixing all the photos in place will take you hours; it is worth it, though! You might think that spending £50 or so is too much for a scrapbook album, but this is a special gift that that you (or a loved one – should you decide to make it for someone else) will cherish forever.

What to consider when buying a wedding album

How to choose the best wedding album for you

When putting together our guide to the best wedding albums, there were four key things we considered: the type of album, the quality, the material and the size.

1. Type: Photo albums come in different formats, including slot-in pockets and self-stick pages. Slot-in pockets are simple to put together, but they offer little layout flexibility. The best scrapbooks give you the most freedom for your layout, but you'll need additional materials to secure your images to the page, such as photo dots, photo corners or the best scrapbooking glue.

2. Material: No matter price point you're looking at, make sure you purchase an album that uses acid-free paper. This will ensure that your photos will have the best possible chance of surviving over time. 

3. Quality: If you're celebrating a wedding, special milestone even or occasion, you will appreciate splashing out on a quality item. While there are plenty of affordable photo albums out there, the ones in this guide have been picked for their craftsmanship. Wow someone special today...

Finally there’s a few questions you need to consider when selecting the right-sized wedding album… How many photos do you want to include in the finished album? And how many are you hoping to display per page? For slot-in albums, the choice is straightforward, but it’s a little trickier to calculate about when using self-stick pages or scrapbooks, but that can be half the fun, selecting what looks good and writing notes to create a heirloom; it's well worth the effort.

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