Photoshop Elements 12 release: Adobe’s photo editing software goes mobile

Photoshop Elements 12 release: Adobe's photo editing software goes mobile

Adobe has officially unveiled its Photoshop Elements 12 release, the latest version of its popular budget photo editing software.

Photoshop Elements 12 release: Adobe's photo editing software goes mobile

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 – priced £78.15, or £63.49 to upgrade from an older version – incorporates new mobile capabilities and a handful of new tools.

Key among the Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 new features is Mobile Access. Elements Mobile Albums now allows photographers to view, edit and share their photos and videos on their smartphones and tablets.

Elements Mobile Alums is powered by the Adobe Revel app for iOS and Windows, and is free for up to 50 photo or video uploads per month.

Photoshop Elements 12 release: Pet Eye Correction

Other key features include Content-Aware Move, allowing photographers to move objects within an image and fill in the empty spaces; Pet Eye Correction, which Adobe says was added to Elements 12 due to customer request; and Auto Smart Tone, which notes a photographer’s editing preferences and provides one-click adjustments based on these choices.

Photoshop Elements 12 release: Smart Auto Tone

Rounding out the new version of Adobe Photoshop Elements are:

  • Quick Frames, Effects and Textures – One-click photo frames, effects and textures, inspired by the most popular looks customers have been creating in Expert mode.
  • Guided Edits – Step-by-step instructions to create Zoom Burst and Photo Puzzle effects, as well as Restore Old Photo, which enable users to restore damaged or old photos.
  • Straighten Tool – Now fills in missing edges through the use of exclusive Content-Aware technology.
  • Share to Twitter feature
  • 64-bit support for Mac – Allows for more efficient use of your computers’ built in memory, maximising performance and enabling larger image files and videos to be edited quickly.

Adobe also unveiled Premiere Elements 12, the latest version of its video-editing software, introducing new Guided Edits, more than 50 soundtracks and 250 sound effects, as well as motion tracking to allow graphics to move with your subject.


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