Nik Collection review: is Google’s photo editing plug-in bundle the best of its kind?

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    Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, Sharpener Pro 3, Color Efex Pro 4, Viveza 2 and Define 2 plug-ins are being sold together for the first time as the Nik Collection. But is the sum greater than its parts? Find out in our Nik Collection review.

    Nik Collection review: we put Google's new photo editing plug-in bundle to the test

    What’s in the Nik Collection bundle?

    Nik Software was recently acquired by Google, and the new owner has decided upon a new sales policy.

    Rather than selling each of the plug-ins separately, it now bundled together at a much more enticing price of $149.

    The bundle comprises HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2, Sharpener Pro 3, Color Efex Pro 4, Viveza 2 and Define 2.

    As you would expect, HDR Efex Pro 2 enables you to create HDR images from a sequence of images or a single shot; Sharpener Pro 3 allows selective sharpening; Define 2 allows selective noise reduction; and Color Efex Pro 4 allows colour adjustments, including monochrome conversions and film effects to be applied.

    The purpose of Silver Efex Pro 2 and Viveza 2 is less clear from their names, but the first is for making black-and-white conversions, while the second allows you to make selective brightness, contrast and white balance adjustments.

    PAGE 1 – What’s in the Nik Collection bundle?
    PAGE 2 – How to use Nik Collection plug-ins with Photoshop & Lightroom
    PAGE 3 – How to make adjustments with Nik Collection plug-ins
    PAGE 4 – Nik Collection Review: spec list & how it compares to other plug-ins
    PAGE 5 – Nik Collection review: the verdict


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