Paramo Halcon Traveller review: why it’s our top-rated photo jacket of all time

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    A photo jacket is one of the photo accessories you tend not to think too much about. But choosing a photo jacket that meets your needs is crucial for dedicated to outdoor photography.

    Find out in our Paramo Halcon Traveller review why this photo jacket is a sophisticated garment for both photographers and travellers – and one of the best photo jackets we’ve had in for review.

    Paramo Halcon Traveller review: why it's our top-rated photo jacket of all time

    Paramo’s lightweight photography jacket is a stylish but practical olive-green number that packs in lots of pockets without making you look like an insurgent.

    It’s breathable, showerproof and quick drying, and includes no less than 12 pockets, with a further two compartments.

    The look is quite military, but not so much so that it will deter women photographers, and it’s made to the company’s usual high standards.

    Paramo Halcon Traveller review

    The Halcon isn’t warm enough for winter, and it’s not waterproof, but it’s an ideal photography jacket for spring and summer.

    The jacket is made from Nikwax Cotton and you can easily hand or machine-wash it, but it’s recommended that you use Nikwax Tech Wash.

    The Paramo Halcon Traveller is not particularly cheap at £130, but it’s well made and all those pockets are really helpful for travel and nature photography.

    Price: £130
    Buy it:

    Score: 5/5


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