100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

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    100 Amazing Nikon DSLR Tips: 51-60

    51. Flash diffuser
    The light from the onboard flash is quite hard, but a simple flash diffuser will soften it up. Because the light source is more spread out, you don’t get such harsh shadows.


    52. Close-up filter
    Keen on close-ups but can’t afford a macro lens? Close-up filters could be the answer. Filter manufacturer Kood, for example, makes close-up filters in three different strengths, and you can use them singly or in combination – check your lens’s filter size first.

    53. Lens hoods
    Lens hoods reduce lens flare when you’re shooting into the light. But they’re just as useful if it rains because they help keep rain off the lens.


    54. ML-L3 remote
    It’s cheap (just £20/$15), it’s small and it fires your Nikon by infrared. It also works with most DX-format cameras, except for the D3100, D300 and D300s.

    55. Get a grip!
    Nikon’s smaller D-SLRs don’t take battery grips, but the rest do. They provide longer-lasting power, easier handling, and in some instances, a speed boost.

    56. Flashy alternative
    Need extra light but don’t want the fuss of flash? LED lamps like the Manfrotto ML240 clip to the accessory shoe and provide more light than you might think.

    57. Off-camera flash
    You can great effects with off-camera flash, but wireless control can be quite daunting – so get a simple external flash cable instead.

    58. Get a card reader
    Do you still hook up your camera to your computer with a cable? Card readers are both quicker and simpler.

    59. Don’t get wet!
    You could spend a fortune on underwater housings or bespoke rain covers, but these cheap and simple covers from Op/Tech, are just £6 per pair.

    60. Take a seat
    If you’re shooting sports or wildlife, you can end up standing in the same spot for hours. Fold-up Walkstools take up no more space than a small tripod.


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