Autumn colour: how to tweak tones in Photoshop for best results

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    Recently we showed you how to add autumn colour to your spring or summer photos. In this post we’ll show you how to take your actual autumn photos and boost the colours subtly for pictures that pack more of a punch.

    Autumn colour: how to tweak tones for best results

    So, now you know how to add an autumn twist to your summer photos – but how do you get the best from a genuine autumn landscape shot?
    Here, we show you the three simple stages you should go through to make your image leap from the screen.

    Make sure that the scene has a wide range of shadows, midtones and highlights. Boost the colour saturation. Introduce a little bit of sharpening to make the finer textures stand out. Done!

    Our original shot

    Our original shot

    It doesn’t take long at all, and within a matter of minutes you’ll have a crisp and vibrant autumnal shot. Check out the steps below and learn how you can take a typical autumn scene and make a print with real punch.

    How to boost autumn colours in Photoshop: Step 1

    01 Terrific tones
    The darker bark of tree trunks isn’t always that clear. To reveal some of that hidden midtone texture, we created a new Levels Adjustment Layer, dragging the grey midtones Input Levels slider left to 1.20 to brighten the midtones without altering the darkest shadows or blowing the highlights.

    How to boost autumn colours in Photoshop: Step 2

    02 Super saturation
    Autumn means punchy colour, so we clicked the Create Adjustment Layer icon and chose Hue/Saturation. We dragged the Master Saturation slider up to +16 to boost the intensity of the russet brown leaves – any further would have caused the colour to ‘block up’ and lose all fine detail.

    How to boost autumn colours in Photoshop: Step 3

    Stay sharp
    Using the Background layer, we chose Enhance>AdjustSharpness, setting Amount to 85% and Radius to 1.5. We set the Remove drop-down menu to Lens Blur to gently increase the contrast between shadow and highlight pixels, making details stand out without adding blown-out highlights.

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