Hi-res versions of our popular photography cheat sheets now available

Hi-res versions of our popular photography cheat sheets now available

Many of you have enjoyed our ongoing photography cheat sheet series, but many of you have also asked for high-res versions of these handy infographics to print out and keep in your camera bag.

We’ve been listening to your comments and have spent some time trying to find the best way to deliver these to you and still keep them free.

On our Flickr page we’ve created a Photography Cheat Sheet set, into which we’ve uploaded hi-res versions of some of our more popular photography cheat sheets.

Here you’ll find each hi-res section of our infographics prior to being stitched and compressed for the web.

Click on each photography cheat sheet image or headline below and on the following pages to find links to these hi-res sections.

Finally, do please let us know how these work for you! If these meet your needs, we’ll continued to strip down our other popular photography cheat sheets and save hi-res versions to Flickr.

As always, thanks for your interest.

Free wedding photography cheat sheet


Free wedding photography cheat sheet

In this infographic we came up with what we believe are four of the trickiest situations for shooting wedding photography and crafted a flow chart to get you through them. Here you’ll find tips for shooting the bride’s arrival, inside the church, photographing the bride and groom and, finally, taking pictures of family and friends.

PAGE 1: Free wedding photography cheat sheet
PAGE 2: Free architecture photography cheat sheet
PAGE 3: The landscape’s greatest challenges
PAGE 4: Free bird photography cheat sheet
PAGE 5: Free macro photography cheat sheet


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