Free action photography cheat sheet

Free action photography cheat sheet

Do you have trouble capturing moving subjects? Whatever you’re shooting, action photography can be tricky to achieve given the unpredictability of your subjects, little control over the lighting and trying to keep everything sharp. To help you along with your pursuits, we’ve put together a hand action photography cheat sheet below.

Our latest free infographic takes a closer look at some of the most common moving subjects you might shoot, such as family or motorsports, and some of the obstacles you might encounter, such as using flash, choosing the right shutter speed (for more on this, see our guide to Common mistakes at every shutter speed and the best settings to use), drive mode, AF mode (find out how to choose the best AF mode for your camera) and how to pan with a moving subject.

We also suggest all the gear and accessories you’ll need to pull off the shot you want.

Simply drag and drop this infographic on to your desktop to save it as a reference. And if you liked this photography infographic you might like our landscape photography cheat sheet and macro photography cheat sheet – or perhaps our cheat sheet on bird photography.

Free action photography cheat sheet: download to find out how to photograph common moving subjects like family and motorsports, as well as get creative with motion blur.


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