54 Portrait Ideas: free downloadable posing guide

50 Portrait Ideas: free posing guide and photography cheat sheet

Are you stuck for portrait ideas? Sometimes we’ve found that you can over-think these things. When you put so much thought into backdrops and colour schemes and following others’ portrait photography tips, you can overlook some of the fundamentals of portrait photography, such as your subject’s pose. We believe our posing guide below should help!

Free portrait posing guide to download

A great way to reignite you portrait photography with new portrait ideas is to shoot a model in your home photo studio, using as minimalist a set-up as possible. By experimenting with different poses you can see what works and get new portrait ideas to apply to your next shoot.

To help you along we’ve put together our latest photography cheat sheet, a visual posing guide that you can download and use as inspiration.

To create our posing guide we shot our own examples of some of the more traditional portrait styles – full-length portraits, seated portraits, high and low perspectives and head-and-shoulder shots – and then some suggested poses within these genres. We’ve also included some short tips on how to achieve these shots to get the best results.

Click here to download the large version of our portrait photography posing guide.

You can also click directly on the low-res version of the posing guide posted below to download the hi-res copy, which you can then print it off and use for ideas the next time you’re struggling for inspiration.

And don’t forget to send us an image you captured as a result!

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UPDATE: due to the popularity of this posing guide we’ve put together a ‘part 2’ from more images from this shoot. Click here to download 40 more portrait ideas, our latest portrait photography cheat sheet.

50 Portrait Ideas: free posing guide


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  • jmeyer

    Hi – there’s a link in the middle of the post that says “Click here to download the large version of our portrait photography posing guide”. Click that sentence and the zip file will start to download.

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    I tried this and it is still the low res JPEG in a zip file! Am I missing something.

  • Muhammad Farooqi

    why don’t you put it in your mobile, because while shooting you can see from mobile for help… I did it in this way

  • I tried some of these ‘portrait’ ideas on my mate Dave but he didn’t seem too chuffed.

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    Anyway we can know the name of this model? I think most of us agree that we might be interested in hiring her

  • Click the image, it will download the zip containing the full size image automatically.

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    Most of these need just one try.. and afterwards, you will memorize them!