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The best photo calendars in 2021: create a personalized 2021 photo calendar online

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Best photo calendars
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The best photo calendars for 2021 are the perfect way to keep your favorite images in pride of place throughout the next year. We've put the best photo calendar services below to help you get a jump on 2021.

With 2020 making its final bows and 2021 just over the horizon, you might be beginning to think about how you can prepare for the new year. One of our favorite preparations is investing in a new calendar – but you don't need to buy a generic calendar filled with someone else's work. Why not create one of the best photo calendars that's stuffed from the beginning to end with your own amazing images.

There's nothing more cheering than seeing one of your favorite shots when jotting down an appointment or checking the date. 

No matter whether you're looking to create a calendar filled with your best photographic masterpieces, or you would simply like to incorporate your favorite images of friends and family, one of the best photo calendar services below can help you create the perfect calendar. Alternatively, you might even want to consider it as a potential Christmas gift for photographers

If you're wondering what the best photo calendar service is, don't worry. We've rounded up the best photo printing companies below. Each website has an easy-to-use photo calendar creator tool and lots of stylish designs to help you create something you're truly happy with. 

Read on below to find out what the best photo calendars for 2021 are!

The best photo calendars in 2021

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

01. Mixbook Custom Photo Calendars

Slick and easy to use, making a photo calendar takes no time at all

Designs: 100 customizable designs
Formats: Square 12x12" or landscape 11x8.5"
Available: Worldwide
Reasons to buy
+Very easy to use+Fully customizable
Reasons to avoid
-Limited size options-No portrait orientation option

We were very impressed by Mixbook's photo calendar service. Once you've selected which option you want, a separate window opens. After you've chosen which photos you want to upload, you can begin arranging your images on the calendar (you don't even have to wait for all the shots to have finished uploading),

Arranging photos is simple and easy, as you can swap shots around without any hassle at all. You can also edit your photos on the page by zooming in, adjusting Brightness, Saturation and other useful controls or by applying a filter (some are pretty gimmicky, but there are a couple of useful ones). You can even add photos to individual date boxes, which is a nice touch. 

While most of the other calendars on this buying guide don't have back covers, the Mixbook offering does. This means you can stuff as many images into your calendar as possible. 

With a wide range of color and font options, you can also add text to your calendar anywhere you like - whether that's on the front cover or in an individual date box. This is the perfect opportunity to manually add in special dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries. 

While we found the Mixbook platform really easy to use, our only niggle is that once you've used a photo in the calendar, it disappears from the Photos window. However, this is really only a problem if you wanted to reuse a shot (for, say, the front and back cover). Plus, it's easily remedied by just quickly re-uploading the image. 

Considering it was shipping from the US to the UK, the photo calendar arrived pretty quickly - which is perfect if you've got some last-minute ordering to do before Christmas

The quality of the calendar was also very good. All of the images printed sharply and clearly, and all the colors were true to life as well. The paper felt reassuringly heavy and the design of the calendar section itself was nice and clean with plenty of space to write. 

Order a calendar from Mixbook

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

02. Snapfish Wall Calendar

Snapfish offers ultimate customization for your calendar

Designs: Snapfish has a variety of illustrated designs to choose from
Formats: 8.5x11" Wall Calendar, 9x12" Stationary Wall Calendar, 11.5x14" Wall Calendar, 12x12" Wall Calendar, 10x5" Desk Calendar, 10x5" Desk Calendar with faux leather stand
Available: UK & US
Reasons to buy
+Plenty of templates+Interesting designs
Reasons to avoid
-No back page-Can be fiddly

A close contender to Mixbook's No.1 photo calendar crown, Snapfish's offering has ultimate customization power and a plethora of templates and designs to dizzy and delight you. From delicate seasonal illustrations to specially designed family-orientated templates, Snapfish is the perfect company to choose if you're looking to print family snapshots. 

However, what makes Snapfish such a strong option for family photos also lets it down for more serious photographers. Our only real problem with Snapfish is that amidst all the various templates and illustrated designs it can be difficult to create a simple and clean calendar that lets the focus shine on the photos themselves. While you can fudge the effect you want through customizing the design, this is what nudges Snapfish to our number two slot. 

That being said, we really did enjoy using Snapfish's calendar service. One of the small touches that we particularly liked was the fact that you can add a photo to a particular date box and then add a stylishly designed caption on top - such as "The day we first met" or "Helen's birthday", etc. 

All in all, Snapfish is easy to use and has plenty of customization options - if only there was a really beautifully designed classic option for more serious photographers, and Snapfish would have grabbed our number one slot. 

Order a calendar from Snapfish

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

03. Bonusprint Photo Calendar

Super easy to use and filled with fun filters

Design: A4, A4 double, A3, square
Paper types: Standard matte, Gloss, Extra matt
Available: UK & Europe
Reasons to buy
+Very easy to use+Fun filters and frames
Reasons to avoid
-No back cover

With significant similarities to Mixbook's photo calendar creation system, Bonusprint would be a great option for UK and Europe-based option for those who want to experience a similar Mixbook service, but don't want to pay the $12 shipping fee. 

With plenty of customization options, Bonusprint's service allows you to edit photos by zooming in, flipping, and adding filters (although there currently only appears to be two filters available). You can also add and edit text, and even add fun themed masks over the top of your photos - such as a snowflake 'frame' that's perfectly designed to sit on top of your seasonal December photo.

One tiny complaint we had is that you have to register to use the system, which means that you have to provide an email address and password just to play around with creating a calendar. While a little annoying, this isn't really the end of the world. 

While it doesn't seem to be available for customers outside Europe, Bonusprint's photo calendar service is simply, easy-to-use and adds some fun to the calendar creation process. 

Order a calendar from Bonusprint

(Image credit: Louise Carey | Digital Camera World)

04. Social Print Studio Wall Calendar

A streamlined process helps you quickly create your calendar

Design: Portrait calendar
Format: 11x17" calendar with each month image measuring 11x8.5"
Available: UK & US
Reasons to buy
+Streamlined process+Clean and simple design
Reasons to avoid
-12 photo upload limit-Limited customization

Social Print Studio is the place to go to if you want a clean, simple, streamlined process without any superfluous frills. While you don't have many options regarding calendar format or size (okay, you have precisely one singular option…), what you are able to work with is beautifully designed. 

Besides a weird quirk where you have to upload the photo for the cover and the images for the inside pages separately, Social Print Studio's system is really easy to use. While their website automatically fills each month's photo for you, you can easily change the order by clicking two frames to make the shots within them swap. 

Unfortunately, unlike Mixbook's service, you're unable to add a photo to the back of the calendar as well. However, you are able to choose whether you want national holidays in your calendar - although be aware that you can only select holidays that are applicable in the US. 

Overall, Social Print Service is a great option if you're not too bothered about customizing your calendar with lots of extra options. 

Order a calendar from Social Print Studio

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