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Leica TL2 Review

Leica’s newest mirrorless camera is making a style statement

Leica TL2: Verdict

With most Leica cameras, you can at least see how they could appeal to a very specific kind of user and style of photography – but it’s different with the TL2. The camera body is slim, minimal and attractive in its own way, but the quirky controls and front-heavy handling with a lens fitted make it really rather difficult to use as a photographic tool.

The competition

Fujifilm X-Pro2

The X-Pro2 compact system camera is a modern classic in its own right, and it’s also cheaper and more practical than the Leica TL2.

Olympus Pen-F

The Pen-F has a smaller sensor than the rest, but still delivers competitive image quality. It’s also small and looks wonderful.

Sony A7 Mark II

Where the TL2 is all about stylishness, the A7 II delivers image quality, value, and access to Sony’s strong lens range.

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