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Leica TL2 Review

Leica’s newest mirrorless camera is making a style statement

Leica TL2: Build and handling

Unfortunately, the slim and elegant body is overbalanced by the Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens supplied for our test, and the most common ‘bundled’ lens for this camera. 

It’s fast and sharp, but costs even more than the TL2 and produces a front-heavy combination that doesn’t sit well in your hands. The TL2 really needs a less optically ambitious but smaller, pancake-style lens.

The minimalist controls look beautiful but take a little figuring out; some common adjustments are harder to get to than you expect. The 3.7in touchscreen display is bigger than normal and works well.

Leica TL2: Performance

When everything’s perfect, the camera and aforementioned 35mm f/1.4 lens can turn in some super-sharp results. However, there’s no image stabilisation and the autofocus is not particularly fast, and the latter also threw us a curveball a few times by focusing on the wrong thing, despite what it showed on the screen.

The auto white balance system does a good job, but most TL2 users would probably shoot Raw files and adjust colours in post production. The TL2’s metering system, however, gave us reliable exposures throughout our testing, and has judged the scenes shows on this page very nicely.

The image quality is likely to leave the TL2’s buyers perfectly happy, but it’s the camera’s body/lens weight distribution, quirky controls and sometimes sluggish responses that we’re worried about.

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