What's the best way to test Sony's new cine camera? Give it to an Oscar-winner and send him to film endangered whales!

Sony Burano The Knowing short film
(Image credit: Sony)

There are many ways to showcase a new product ahead of its launch, but they don't get much cooler than a short film created by an Oscar Award-winning cinematographer.

Sony unveiled the short at CES 2024 to showcase the capabilities of the soon-to-be-released Sony Burano, a full-frame 8K cinema camera. The Knowing is a film by cinematographer Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki, best known for his work on three Oscar-winning movies – Gravity, Birdman and The Revenant – and shares an important message about the conservation of endangered whales. 

You can watch the film below:

As expected the cinematography on display is exceptional, and the Burano will no doubt earn its place among the best cinema cameras on the market. Announced in September 2023, it offers exceptional specs in a lightweight and compact form factor. It takes the superior image quality from the Sony Venice and places it in a body that can be operated by an individual or a small team, with 16 stops of latitude and in-body image stabilization. 

Joined by award-winning National Geographic photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, the film highlights humanity's need for change and its duty to take care of the planet. Focusing on the endangered population of the Southern Right Whale, the film takes the viewer on a journey through Western Australia's land, sea and air, incorporating drone and underwater footage to put the camera through its paces. 

The film was made as part of Sony's Road to Zero global environmental plan, to partner with content creators and nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of the importance of conservation. "Conservation requires that we all participate, that we all do what we can to ensure that our planet and all of its creatures thrive," says Mittermeier. 

Sony Burano (Image credit: Sony)

Using the platform available to large manufacturers to highlight global issues is a masterstroke, and creates a win-win for all. Not only does Sony get to show off the impressive features and capabilities of new camera equipment, it does so by delivering an important message. This is a growing trend, as Canon has also partnered with an organization to help restore damaged coral reefs

The Sony Burano is scheduled for release this Spring and further details about the included features and specifications can be found on the Sony webpage.

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Kalum Carter
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