Viltrox releases new 20mm f/2.8 AF lens for Sony full frame – and it's under $160!

Viltrox 20mm F2.8 Wide-Angle Auto Focus Lens
(Image credit: Viltrox)

It's not very often you can pick up a mirrorless full-frame autofocus f/2.8 lens for this price, but Viltrox continues to expand its lineup offering great value for money with a new $160 prime.

The Viltrox AF 20mm f/2.8 wide-angle has been released for the Sony E mount, and according to Viltrox, the Nikon Z mount will follow within the next couple of months. The Viltrox lenses are exceptionally well priced for the performance they can produce, often reviewed very highly, and featured in guides such as the best Sony E mount lenses

(Image credit: Viltrox)

The lens is specifically tailored for astrophotography, landscape, and architectural photography, providing an expansive 91.6-degree angle of view in a lightweight and compact lens body. Weighing just 157g it is designed for portability, providing a wide angle option for those on the move. Comprised of 8 groups of 10 optical elements, including 2 ED lenses, 1 lens with high refractive index, and 2 aspherical lenses, this 20mm combats aspherical and chromatic aberration. 

A maximum aperture of f/2.8 enables the camera to perform well in low-light situations. The seven-blade diaphragm that Viltrox states, "enhances your visuals, contributing to a mesmerizing bokeh quality." 

(Image credit: Viltrox)

Unlike many of Viltrox's lenses, this 20mm f/2.8 has AF, and a fast and precise one at that with the inclusion of an STM motor. Eye and face AF are also features, enabling fast focus locking and tracking when used for both stills and video. Viltrox has also made sure to future-proof the lens by providing a USB port, allowing quick and easy firmware updates in order to keep up to date with any advancements. 

Other noteworthy features include a minimum focusing distance of just 0.19m (7.5 inches) allowing you to capture wide-angle macro worlds, and HD Nano multilayer coating reducing flare and ghosting.

Sample image taken with the Viltrox AF 20mm F2.8  (Image credit: Viltrox)

We haven't had a chance to test this particular lens, but we have tested the APS-C siblings of this lens – the Viltrox AF 13mm F1.4 and the Viltrox AF 23mm F1.4 – both of which scored top marks and offered great performance and value for money. 

This lens looks set to continue this theme and would make a great wide-angle option. The lens is available now for the Sony E mount, but you will have to wait a little longer for other mounts. The price is $158 / £132 / AU$247 , a huge bargain for any full-frame AF lens! 

If you are interested in landscape, architecture, or astrophotography, see our helpful guides for more information: best lenses for landscapes, best tilt-shift lenses, and the best lenses for astrophotography

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Kalum Carter
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