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This is the way! Mandalorian camera and Baby Yoda film from Polaroid

This is the way! Manadlorian camera and Baby Yoda film from Polaroid
(Image credit: Polaroid)

Are you excited for season two of The Baby Yoda Show, referred to by some as The Mandalorian? Then you're probably as Star Wars-mad as we are, which means you'll be gagging to get your hands on this brilliant new Mandalorian-themed Polaroid camera and film.

The sleek The Mandalorian Polaroid Now is a collector's edition, Mando-styled version of the standard Polaroid Now. As such it comes with Polaroid's latest analog technology, including autofocus, double exposure mode, self-timer and dynamic flash. 

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More importantly, the camera is designed to resemble Mandalorian armor, with a highly coveted Beskar steel-esque finish, and flourishes including a Mandalorian insignia, colorway and logo – all of which makes the Polaroid Now look even more like Star Wars' Electrobinoculars than it already did. 

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And that's not all; just as The Mandalorian himself is accompanied by Baby Yoda, so the new Mandalorian Polaroid One is accompanied by a new Baby Yoda-themed Polaroid film packs. 

The Mandalorian Polaroid i-Type Color Film comes in packs of 8, and features 12 limited edition frame designs featuring Star Wars and Mandalorian logos, Mandalorian helmets and insignias and, yes, Baby Yoda (okay, "The Child") designs emblazoned on the bottom of your photographs. 

(Image credit: Polaroid)

The Mandalorian Polaroid Now instant camera will retail for $119.99 / £129.99 (approx AU$230.22), while packs of The Mandalorian Polaroid i-Type Color Film will sell for £17.99 / £16.99 (AU$30.09). 

You can also pick up The Mandalorian Polaroid Now Starter Set, comprising the camera and three packs of film, for $169.99 / £174.99 (AU$310.12). More information can be found at the official Polaroid website

And of course, if you want to check out season two of The Baby Yoda Show (aka The Mandalorian), you'll need to take out a Disney+ subscription, so we've linked the best deals below. And while you wait until 30 October for the new season to drop, you may as well binge watch the original series again! 

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