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This is a slofie, and we think it might just be the best thing ever...

iPhone 11 slofie
(Image credit: Louise Carey/Digital Camera World)

The iPhone 11 has a new feature that sounds cheesier than a month old camembert. It's bad enough that the whole world has become obsessed with selfies, without showing people how to shoot slow motion video versions that we have to look at FOR EVEN LONGER. We were sceptical.

It sounds like the simplest, most pointless thing ever – a video you can shoot with the front-facing selfie camera. But when it's combined with the skill of an expert selfographer and the iPhone's extremely slick slo-mo editing (we were testing the new iPhone 11 Pro Max), the results are actually rather brilliant. Louise Carey shows us just how it should be done...

So you do need some basic video skills, such as working out what you want to happen and where you need to be in the frame, but the camera app does the rest. The slo-mo is split into three parts for playback – a short first section at normal speed which transitions smoothly into a slow-motion center section before speeding up back to normal speed right at the end. It's a simple editing trick that makes slow motion movies look properly professional.

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Editing slo-mos and slofies in Apple Photos couldn't be easier – you can use the Trim controls to cut out any unwanted bits of video at the start or end, and drag the marker bars to set the points where you want the speed to change.

And just to show it wasn't a fluke (as if!), here's a vertical version. The best part is, slofies only take a second or so to shoot.

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