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This drone has a massive 75% off its UK RRP just ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Waiting patiently for Amazon Prime Daynext week? We expect some top Prime Day drone deals over the event's 36-hour period next week, but if you know where to look you can spot some quality deals right now.

Fortunately, we know exactly where to look and have spotted this bargain one-day deal.

Just as the action camera market is now awash with highly capable alternatives to more mainstream options from the likes of GoPro, you can snap up a top-quality drone at a bargain price if you look around. And right now, you can get 75% off the UK RRP of this TOZO Q1012 drone, its price down to just £41.90 with free delivery. In the US? You can currently grab it for a very reasonable $59.90.

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The TOZO 10102Q looks like a perfect choice for those looking to get into aerial imaging in a cost-friendly way. It records HD footage and 360-degree images, and comes with a range of impressive options, such as a headless security mode that allows you to fly the unit without needing to worry about the direction its facing, through an an altitude hold option, that lets you to keep the drone at a set height once you release the throttle stick.

Got an iOS or Android device? You can control the drone directly from an app on your phone, or alternatively, hook it to the controller and pilot it in this way, which allows the whole display to be used to view what you're capturing. From an 80-minute charge you can get up to 10 minutes of flying time, and the main unit packs down to a portable 122x94x57mm.

This deal will expire at midnight BST, so if you fancy taking a shot at drone imaging yourself or you're looking for a brilliant budget gift for someone who might, hit link below.

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