These are the 20 most colorful photographic locations around the world

Cinque Terre - one of most colorful locations in the world
Cinque Terre - one of most colorful locations in the world (Image credit: Getty Images)

Uswitch has certainly done its homework on color theory. Having analyzed color palettes, global search volumes, and places gaining the most Instagram hashtags, the company have used this collected data to compile a list of the most colorful destinations around the world. 

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Have you ever thought about moving to a more vibrant area? The kaleidoscope of vibrant locations were curated into a list by the mortgage comparison specialists, with the study results accompanied by their top tips for moving abroad.

Beginning with an initial seed list featuring 20 different colorful places selected from a range of articles, the company then used a digital color picker tool and 10 top images from Shutterstock to determine which global locations had the largest colour palette.

Leading the chart as the world's most colourful location, according to its eight-color palette, is Cinque Terre in Italy. The multicolored string of seaside villages in Cinque Terre hosts an array of colorful houses varying from red, orange, shades of yellow, green and blue.

(Image credit: Uswitch)

The second most colourful destination in the world according to Uswitch's criteria would be Kampung Pelangi, which translates to ‘Rainbow Village’ in Indonesian. The seven-color village is brightly painted in block-style colors with a palette featuring yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue and green.

Coming in at a joint third place we have: Guatape in Colombia, La Boca in Buenos Aires and Nyhaven in Copenhagen, Denmark. These locations each have a seven-colors palette featuring mostly primary colors painted across the architecture of these vibrant destinations. 

(Image credit: Uswitch)

Little India, Singapore, is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing with its vivid architectural structures. Old Havana in Cuba was found to have a palette of six different shades with the city’s baroque-style buildings painted in a variety of hues from blues and greens to yellows and peaches, with a hint of pink shades.

The name 'Rainbow Village' in Taiwan pretty much speaks for itself.

(Image credit: Uswitch)

Italy appears to be dominating as the most colorful climate with cities Burano and Procida among the towns featured in the list, with Cinque Terre possessing the most colorful palette. Chefchaouen in Morocco is a city known for cerulean buildings, with a six-color palette mainly consistent of varying shades of blue.

The Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming is an awesome destination to add to your travel plans if you are looking to capture ‘Instagrammable’ content that adds polychromatic tones to your feed.

(Image credit: Uswitch)

The Swedish island of Gamla Stan contains cobbled streets and colorful 17th- and 18th-century buildings. With only a 4-color palette, this location is rated on the lower end of the colorful destination spectrum although the architectural tones on these buildings are the most vibrant of all. 

The survey didn't stop there, after organizing their list in a rank of palette color-quantity, they've also reordered this list into 'The world's most searched for colorful places' as well as 'The most Instagrammed colorful places'.

(Image credit: Uswitch)

Old Havana, Cuba, is the clear winner here with 247,642 Instagram hashtags used. Cinque Terre in Italy falls to second place in this lineup with 170,695 hashtags used on Instagram. 

The only downside to this data is that it is ever-changing, social media is constantly updating and changing its algorithms so while this data is amusing to determine the most hash-tagged colorful destination, all it takes is one viral TikTok promoting a different location to topple the list.  

(Image credit: Uswitch)

So there you have it, Cinque Terre thrives as the most popular colorful location in almost all areas, next to Old Havana in Cuba. Keep these unique destinations in mind when planning your next getaway (once travel is safe again and restriction permitting, of course) to ensure that your travel photography portfolio is as vibrant as it can be and to spruce up your holiday selfies. 

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