Sony SHATTERS the CFexpress Type A capacity record with its latest card

Sony CEA-M1920T 1920GB CFexpress Type A card
(Image credit: Sony, Future)

Sony was the first company to bring CFexpress Type A cards to the open market alongside the release of the α7S III, however since then a host of other manufacturers have launched competing cards, with many offering greater speed, capacity or value.

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(Image credit: Sony)

But now Sony is showing the upstarts who's boss, by dropping the largest Type A card yet: a 1920GB entry in its established TOUGH-series Type A line-up. Carrying the product designation CEA-M1920T, the new 1920GB card eclipses Sony's previous 640GB top Type A offering. 

Alongside the 1920GB card, Sony is simultaneously launching a 960GB variant (product code CEA-M960T), so the TOUGH CFexpress Type A range will now consist of 80GB, 160GB, 320GB, 640GB, 960GB and 1920GB capacity options.

(Image credit: Sony)

All cards are capable of up to 800MB/s read and 700MB/s write rates, though while the older 80-640GB cards are VPG400 certified (Video Performance Guarantee), meaning the cards are capable of a minimum 400MB/s sustained write speed), the new 960GB and 1920GB versions are only VPG200 certified. As with all TOUGH-series Type A cards, the new cards utilise an alloy construction for improved heat transmission and are resistant to water, bending and drop impact.

At $499.99, this 1TB card from Angelbird is still the best value CFexpress Type A card on the market (Image credit: Angelbird)

However, while these new cards may take the capacity crown, they're not necessarily great value. At a cool $1,400/£1,550 for the 1920GB card, and $760/£860 for the 960GB version, both are hugely expensive. Compare these with Angelbird's 1TB AV Pro CFexpress 2.0 Type A Memory Card - a 1TB card costing $499.99 - and suddenly it's hard to make a value case for either of the new Sony cards.

But if money's no object and you must have a Sony card to go in your Sony camera, the 1920GB and 960GB Sony TOUGH CFexpress Type A cards are both available to pre-order from B&H

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