Report: Up to 10 new Canon lenses coming in the next six months

canon lenses for rf mount
(Image credit: Canon)

If you recall back to Canon's first attempt at mirrorless cameras – the Canon EOS M series – one of its most lasting legacies will be that Canon managed to launch more camera bodies than lenses, with a total of only eigh lenses over 10 years!

Canon has been much more successful with its second bite at the mirrorless cherry, with the EOS R system offering up strong competition for the best mirrorless camera. But crucially Canon has also managed to not repeat the mistakes of the past, and Canon's RF glass are not only some of the best camera lenses available, but Canon has also done well to flesh out the range with some 30 lenses in just five years.

However, over its 36-year history, Canon managed to release around two-hundred different lenses for the EF and EF-S mount (and sold roughly 140 million of them). Okay, so a few of these are second generations on existing lenses, but it still gives Canon a huge target to aim for with its RF and RF-S mount.

The Canon RF-S 55-210mm F5-7.1 IS STM is one of the few lenses to be made specifically for Canon's RF-S mount cameras. (Image credit: Future)

This deficit might be closing sooner than you think, with reports from Canon Rumors suggesting that we might be treated to up to 10 new lenses for the RF and RF-S mount by the end of March 2024. Rumors suggest the first two of these lenses might be revealed as soon as this month, with the remaining lenses most likely being unveiled at the annual CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan in February 2024.

This is especially exciting news for owners of Canon's cameras with the RF-S mount, as so far, lenses specifically made to match those cameras' more diminutive sizes have been thin on the ground, but rumors point towards a few new options that are both smaller in size and price tag than more considerable RF glass. 

There are still no concrete rumors on what Canon might actually have in the pipeline, with it liking to play its cards close to its chest. But apart from some new RF-S lenses, there are a lot of places where we would be glad to see Canon expand its offerings including finally adding wide aperture L series primes or a more accessibly priced macro lens, I have even written before about my top picks for EF mount lenses I would love to see in RF mount.

You can find more Canon rumors in our hub. Or Canon's current lineup you can check out our top picks for the best Canon camera and the best Canon RF lenses.

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Gareth Bevan
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