RAW deal? Canon will now make you pay for DPP Express

RAW deal? Canon to make DPP Express subscription-based
(Image credit: Canon)

Digital Photo Professional (DPP) has been supplied with Canon's DSLR, mirrorless  and higher-specification, RAW-compatible compact cameras for many years. Until recently the iPad version of the software, referred to as DPP Express, has enabled users to quickly review and process .jpeg and .CR3 RAW files, as well as wirelessly control selected Canon cameras, when the firm's Camera Connect app is also installed.

However details have emerged that suggests DPP Express will soon become a paid-for commodity, with the introduction of a subscription-based system. A statement was issued on the Canon Singapore website explaining that, from October 2019, access to DPP Express will require the payment of a monthly subscription fee.

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The website includes the following wording: "Digital Photo Professional Express app version 1.2.0 onwards would be available with a monthly subscription fee, from October 2019. Further details will be available soon."

The iPad-based DPP Express looks to be going subscription-only in October

The iPad-based DPP Express looks to be going subscription-only in October (Image credit: Canon)

While no information has been provided with regards to the cost to be applied, or to the logistics of maintaining access and functionality, for the latter at least we can assume the subscription will take a similar form to Adobe's Creative Cloud system.

However, unlike Adobe’s offering, DPP Express has relatively limited application, enabling the user to make basic tonal and colour adjustments to their RAW files and Jpegs. Whilst the full version of DPP is well-established, Express is far from the most popular choice of editing suit amongst Canon photographers. 

We can only guess as to Canon’s motivation behind the move to a chargeable system, but is reasonable to conclude that the manufacturer is keen to scale back it’s software offerings to the bare essentials. 

We will need to wait until Canon provide more information, but it seems from initial indications that the Camera Connect app will remain free of charge.

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