Profoto to produce strobes with TTL for camera phones (report)

Profoto smartphone
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In recent years, Profoto has been working hard on developing a number of features and products for camera phones. The company has described this as a matter of expanding their compatibility, as opposed to focusing on camera phones specifically. 

However, CEO Anders Hedebark has recently mentioned that Profoto does not produce lights for cameras, it produces lights for creatives. It doesn't matter what camera a creatives wishes to use, whether it's a medium format camera or a camera phone, Profoto simply wants to be compatible. 

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A recent article from Lighting Rumours reports how Profoto may be developing through the lens metering (TTL) features for smartphones. Effectively, this would mean that you can use Profoto lighting equipment in automatic mode, due to the extra metering information provided to the camera phone. 

You can currently use Profoto strobes such as the B10 with your camera phone. The native sync speed is only 1/40s, which is rather slow if you're shooting outdoors. However, with the use of high speed sync, the Profoto B10 will sync all the way up to 1/25,000s, which is quite incredible. With the use of this, you can produce more dramatic looking images. 

With the addition of TTL for smartphones, this could make lighting with smartphones far more viable for a number of different kinds of photography. Having manual features is great, but there are many occasions where photographers may want to speed up the process. TTL offers that convenience and having that feature would quite simply be brilliant. 

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