Phase One launches a new way to control your XF or XT camera via iPad or iPhone

Phase One launches a new way to control your XF or XT camera via iPad or iPhone
(Image credit: Phase One)

Phase One has announced a collaboration with Swedish software firm Cascable AB, whose free iOS app Cascable enables you to control and automate your camera, right from your iPhone or iPad.

The Cascable app was already compatible with over 200 cameras from a range of manufacturers, but now it's integrated with the Phase One IQ4 'Infinity Platform' controls. Which means that users of the Phase One XT and XF cameras can now access a slew of new features. 

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Many people don't realize this, but some of the best free photo editing software often comes directly from the camera manufacturers themselves. And that makes sense, because the people behind the hardware know a lot about how to produce software that works perfectly with it.

That said, another smart play can be for a manufacturer to team up with a third-party app developer, and bring new functionality to that app that's optimized for its own equipment – which is exactly what Phase One has done here. These are the features now accessible to XF and XT users:

  • Wifi & Tethered Live View
    Connect directly from iOS mobile device to IQ4, via adhoc Wifi, local Wifi Network, or Ethernet, to view the Live View feed of your IQ4
  • Wifi & Tethered Camera Controls
    Connect directly from iOS mobile device to IQ4, adhoc Wifi, local Wifi Network, or Ethernet, and control the primary settings of the IQ4
  • Host Capture and Storage
    Once connected, your iPhone or iPad can act as a host, saving RAW files locally for further integration with additional mobile software and/or cloud storage
  • Image Review
    Local images can be reviewed for image verification and later editing

Along with Phase One-specific features, the majority of Cascable App's features are also available to Phase One IQ4 users. Indeed, while some of the app's 'Pro' features are normally in-app purchases (adding up to $59.99 in total), they're being made available to Phase One IQ4 owners at zero cost. 

And this looks like only being the start of the collaboration between Cascable and Phase One. “The power of mobile devices is now at a point where the tremendous size, resolution, and image quality of IQ4 files can be utilized on mobile platforms, said Drew Altdoerffer, Phase One VP Portfolio Manager for Digitization. 

"With Cascable as our guide to mobile integration, we are set to build an entirely new and integrated mobile workflow for our customers.”

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