New Benco V80s phone boasts it has no camera for those who want privacy

new benco V80s phone without camera or gps designed for privacy
(Image credit: Benco / GSM Arena)

Webcam paranoia and the feeling of being watched is becoming increasingly common among consumers in recent years now that most smartphone technology is designed to be "always watching", surveying and listening to meet our virtual demands as fast as possible. Browser cookies are just the beginning.

Technology and camera devices can leave many people feeling unnerved and wary, prompting few to switch from a smartphone to a feature phone. Benco are here to assist with the unveiling of its new Benco V80s, a camera-free and GPS-less mobile device designed for the security-conscious. 

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If missing out on features such as Snapchat, face ID and retinal scans doesn't phase you, maybe consider switching over to a more simplistic device and get re-acquainted with the "real" world outside of the latest tech and social trends. The new Benco V80s has been designed with the paranoid in mind, without a GPS system or camera unit to ease with the feeling of being traced. 

This device appears to be a special variant of the original Benco V80 handset,  with exactly the same appearance and specifications minus the camera and GPS module. The V80s offers support for Wi-Fi and 4G (interestingly not 5G), a fingerprint scanner, and operating system Android 11, meaning you can still download and use the latest versions of compatible apps without having to compromise on quality by switching to a less modern budget phone. 

The main feature of this new Benco phone is the screen. With a 6.517" HD+ waterdrop display, you can be fully immersed in entertainment and browsing on a 1600 x 720 HD resolution, 20:9 aspect ratio screen housed in a sleek and compact body. The waterdrop display design does raise the question of why, without a front camera, is a teardrop notch needed at the top of the screen?

(Image credit: Benco)

Other specifications of this device revealed by Benco include having a 5000mAh battery, up to 4GB of RAM with 64GB of internal storage (expandable via a MicroSD card), a 1.6GHz octa-core processor and Imagination GE8322 GPU. The phone will be available in the colors 'Blue' and 'Greenish Silver', with  dimensions of 165.6mm (height) x 76.7mm (width) x 9.45mm (thickness) with a weight of around 195 grams. 

Benco ensure that consumers can enjoy a safer mobile experience with this new handset, operating on Android 11 allowing for more control over restrictive privacy settings and access granted to apps to remain better protected. It has to be said for the super security-conscious, though, that using social media and internet features can still put your personal security at risk. 

For example, data such as advertising profiles and marketing tools collect cookies and identifiers to trace your spending habits, while taking note of the things you engage with most online, to offer more relevant ads. In almost all instances this is nothing to be concerned about, although it can be a little spooky when you mention to your partner about needing to buy washing powder, to then see a Facebook (meta) ad for the exact product you described. 

Details on pricing and availability have not yet been released, we will update this article accordingly as and when new information becomes available. 

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