Motorola patents outward folding flip phone

(Image credit: WIPO)

Motorola, who is no stranger to flip phones and most recently released the Razr 5G in 2020, has had a new patent for a flip phone design approved by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. The news comes from a report by MySmartPrice and indeed the global patent body showcases sketches of a concept design from Motorola, that uses an outward folding display. This design is in contrast to the inward folding design that Motorola has previously offered with the Razr. Access to the design of the patented phone shows us how the new camera phone will potentially look. 

The patent designs also include the following description of how the design will work: “A display frame for a mobile device includes a first display frame section and a second display frame section. A flexible hinge section couples the first display frame section and the second display frame section. The flexible hinge section enables the first and second display frame sections to bend relative to each other. A first wall is contiguous with the first display frame section, the flexible hinge section, and the second display frame section. The first wall is integral to the first display frame section, the flexible hinge section, and the second display frame section.” 

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(Image credit: WIPO)

Unique design 

What we would be looking at then is a camera phone with a flexible display on the outward side, meaning that when folded users would get a display on both the front and the rear. While no information is given, a good guess would be that the front and rear would when folded have their own unique features and one of these would likely be as the rear cameras viewfinder. 

From the designs we can see the rear camera housed in a bump, which will probably house other relevant sensors too. A concept is also shown where a single camera module looks to act as both front and rear cameras, so when folded it could shoot rear shots and selfies when unfolded. This would certainly make it an exciting and unique offering. 

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