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Sony announces two new mirrorless cameras: watch the launch live

Sony announces the A7C II and the high-resolution A7CR - follow the announcements as they happened

Sony announcement screenshots
(Image: © Sony)

Today Sony announced the A7C II and the high-resolution 61MP A7CR full-frame mirrorless cameras. The company also unveiled the second-generation Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II professional wide-angle zoom - taking its range of lenses for the E-mount to 70. Below is our coverage of the build-up to the live launch. But you can also cut to the chase and read our in-depth stories and reviews:

News story on the two new cameras
Our Sony A7C II review
Our news story on the new Sony lens
Our hands-on Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II review


The most prominent rumors currently point to one of the cameras being a replacement for the Sony A7C, one of Sony's more unusual cameras even when it was announced, although was a hit with video makers and travelers. The original A7C is now a bit long in the tooth and has since been eclipsed in performance by the cameras it inspired like the Sony ZV-E1.

The other notable rumor points to a second version the A7C replacement that uses the 61MP sensor from the Sony A7R V which would make it one of the highest resolution full frame cameras available, although with a compact body, it might be a slightly awkward size for use with big G Master lenses to take advantage of all those megapixels.

The new Alpha camera announced today will be the fourth content creator-focused camera that Sony has launched so far this year (and potentially fifth, if we see two new cameras).

The new Alpha mirrorless products are not the only thing that Sony is launching this week. This Thursday, September 1, Sony is launching its latest Xperia smartphone. We expect this to the the fifth generation of the Xperia 5 - so an update to the Xperia 5 IV. This launch will be shown on YouTube at 3am EST / 8am BST, coinciding with the opening of the IFA electronic show in Berlin.

There are already 176 comments in the YouTube page for today's announcement - and as ever there is lots of speculation amongst ardent Sony fans:

Just 10 minutes to go… We genuinely find these events exciting - and its great that nowadays that these launches are streamed to the public, so that everyone can get in on the fun!

Over 4,800 people patiently waiting for the video feed to go live

And the countdown clock is now onscreen - get set for the start

The A7C II offers a 

But there is another camera too. So two.
The A7C R offers a 61 megapixel sensor! So the same resolution as cameras such as the A7R V - but in the same compact shell as the A7C II. Compact size, extreme resolution as Sony says

Looks like the A7C is staying too - so there will be three options in the A7C series.

See our Reviews Editor Gareth Bevan's full news story on the two new Sony cameras here:

Sony A7C II camera with Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II lens

Sony A7C II (Image credit: Gareth Bevan / Digital Camera World)

Oh yes, and we can now tell you that we have had a chance to fully test the new camera - read our full Sony A7C II review now.

And there is more - a new lens too!

Welcome to the Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II - a mark two version of the wide f/2.8 trinity lens for the Sony FE-mount.

We have also been working on a full review of the Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II - which you can read right now, and see what Gareth Bevan

And what about pricing? A good question

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