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Kodak Smile Classic offers analogue and digital in one retro-looking camera

It is true, you can have your cake and eat it! Instant cameras have been one of the big success stories in the last few years - providing prints straight out of the camera, in defiance of the already-instant results from digital imaging. But now instant cameras are offering the best of both worlds – with instant prints and a digital version that you can share online, or archive for posterity.

Kodak chose CES 2019 to launch two instant models, that offer digital imaging as well as the analogue print. Fujifilm pioneered this kind of hybrid camera with the Instax SQ6 back in 2016.

The Kodak Smile Classic looks similar in design to instant cameras from yesteryear. The 16-megapixel digtal camera is equipped with a pop-up viewfinder, an automatic  flash, a MicroSD card slot and a 10-second timer. The 3.51 x 4.25-inch Zink sticky-backed photo paper can be printed on instantly from the camera. You can also print pictures from your smartphone by connecting it to the camera via Bluetooth and the Kodak app.

The Kodak Smile Classic will be available later this year in five different color options, and will cost $150.

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Kodak Smile

The second new camera in Kodak's instant family looks more like its current Printomatic instant camera. The Kodak Smile, however, adds an LCD screen, a 10-megapixel digital camera, and microSD card slot to the mix – offering a choice of prints or digital imaging. It comes with a built-in selfie mirror, and you can preview and edit images before deciding whether or not to print them out.

The camera uses Zink print cartridges, and has a built-in flash and a 10-second selftimer.

The Kodak Smile instant camera will be available later in the year in choice of six different colors for $100.

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