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Google Pixel 6: leaks, rumors, and what we know so far

Google Pixel 6
(Image credit: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan)

Last week Google announced its upcoming Android 12 operating system - and that makes us more excited by what the Google Pixel 6 smartphone may have in store when it is launched later in the year. And if the latest renders doing the rounds  are true, this could be the by far the best looking Pixel phone in the family’s eight year history.

The Google Pixel 6, if the usual launch cycle is kept to, would be launched towards the end of this year - probably in October or November - and will probably see the first full release of Android 12 in the wild.

But what else do we know? It is likely to feature Google’s own chipset for the first time - codenamed Whitechapel. But given that the Pixel range is more mid-priced than it probably will not compete with the Snapdragon 888 processor found on the most recently released Android smartphones.

Render of what the Google Pixel 6 will look like (Image credit: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan)

But is is the look of the new handset that has created the biggest stir in the last week or two - thanks to renders released by serial smartphone leaker Jon Prosser. 

His YouTube story claims that his renders are based on photographs of the actual phone that he has seen, and redrawn by collaborator RendersByIan to protect his source. So what do we learn from these 3d mock-ups?

The first thing is the bridge like camera unit on the back of the phone - which looks a bit like the visor used by Star Trek character Jordi Laforge. It is a big bump, and not as we know it - but which sets the designed tone of the new handset.

There are colored versions of the phone. Rather than the Pixel being available in any color you like as long as you choose black, it will now be available in Apple-like shades. The renders shared by Prosser, show a white and orange version - reminiscent perhaps of an iMac. But there is also an appealing white and gold version too. 

Rumored gold version of the Google Pixel 6 (Image credit: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan)

There are two versions of the phone. Last year Google released the Pixel 5, but there was not large-screen Pixel 5 XL model to be seen to replace the Pixel 4 XL. The bigger version will apparently be called the Pixel 6 Pro.

• There is a punch-hole selfie camera on the front of the Pixel 6. If this is true, this means that the under-screen camera technology we know Google is working on won't appear this year. 

• Prosser tells us that the Pixel 6 will have two rear cameras on the rear underneath that wrap-around bridge unit - and the Pixel 6 Pro will have three cameras.

We will keep you posted with other leaks and speculation we see about this phone over the coming months…

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